Diabolical - A Thousand Deaths
Scarlet Records
Death Metal
9 songs (32'55)
Release year: 2002
Diabolical, Scarlet Records
Reviewed by Jack
I know for sure that I wouldn't die a thousand deaths… but I also know for sure that there are more than a thousand ways to make a record longer than 32 minutes and 55 seconds.

This is the second full length album of this Swedish death metal band. How come a new band (since that's only their second album) still wants to come and play death-metal ? I thought everything has been said and done a long time ago !!! I could mention a thousand bands that have played this kind of death-metal before. Diabolical isn't bringing anything new to the death metal scene. But I have this friend who has been listening to death-metal since this genre emerged at the end of the eighties, so what I am trying to say is that if there is an audience for death-metal, then there has to be bands playing death-metal.

The music is fast, intense and aggressive. They have also managed to develop their own sound, even with mixing death and trash metal, along with classic heavy metal influences. It's full of melodic riffs and great guitars solos. I even found myself stamping my feet on the floor which is a good point. This is typical death metal of today's death-metal scene. I will not buy this album, but this friend of mine will probably do.

PS : I was able to review this album in less that 32 minutes and 55 seconds…

Killing Songs :
Dead Angel's Choir, Under My Skin, An Opposite Law
Jack quoted 60 / 100
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