Iron Savior - Condition Red
Noise Records
Heavy/Speed Metal
13 songs (66'40)
Release year: 2002
Iron Savior, Noise Records
Reviewed by Danny
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Piet Sielck will never say it ... but Kai Hansen was making shadow to Iron Savior. I mean, Iron Savior became almost the side-project of Kai Hansen for many out there and this is absolutely not the case. Iron Savior is the project of Piet Sielck - ooops sorry, this is the band of Piet Sielck. For those of you who don't know it, Piet is playing with Kai since a long time now ... before the birth of Helloween. In fact, Helloween saw the light just after the departure of .... Piet Sielck ! Who said unlucky guy ?

As I was saying, Piet Sielck will never say that Kai was making shadow to Iron Savior, because he is one of his best friend (if not the best) and in order to keep this friendship alive, Kai took the right decision to leave the band. This is a very old story in fact ... Anyway, with Kai gone (finally), Piet can prove - or must prove - Iron Savior is able to continue without the virtuous & famous guitarist. Can he ?

Well after just one spin, the answer is yes, yes and YES again !!! Holy shit, this is the best ever Iron Savior album up to date .... and without Kai please !!! This album "smells" Judas Priest and Running Wild. In other words, it smells pure heavy metal as Condition Red is full of melodies, speedy guitar riffs and I must say Piet is an unconventional singer. The impressive production - once again - give so much light to Condition Red. What a sound ! The production is so perfect, it makes you believe you are listening to a science-fiction soundtrack !!!

No worries my friends, we are talking of metal. In fact, we are talking of real metal - like it was the case on Defenders Of Faith or Painkiller (Judas Priest), both direct parents of this Condition Red. No weak tracks, just "plug & play" melodies and killer songs one after another : Titans Of Our Time, Protector, Condition Red, Warrior and the two mega hits Ironbound & Tales Of The Bold. The guitar solos are coming from another time and once again Piet is at the top. Crazy (Seal cover) is a good song too, but you can ear it only on the limited edition. After Angel Dust, here comes another metal band covering Seal ?!?!?

I didn't like Dark Assault (previous Iron Savior's record). Like I said to Piet : "Unification is one of the best album of the 90's and I hope Iron Savior will found again this magical inspiration". Well not only the inspiration and the song-wirting quality are back, but Piet has written & produced this one alone ... and metal heads should finally recognize this musician deserve the spotlight as much as Gamma Ray.

Actually, if I compare their last records (Gamma Ray Vs Iron Savior), the spotlight should be on Iron Savior. I know ... this is just a question of taste, but this Condition Red kills. It KILLS !!! Can't you ear me screaming : KIIIIIIIIIIILS !!!!!!!!

A German heavy/speed metal classic !!! Buy it ... or exile yourselves on the Moon :)

Killing Songs :
Tales Of The Bold, Titans Of Our Time, Warrior, Ironbound
Danny quoted 96 / 100
Chris quoted 96 / 100
Mike quoted 98 / 100
Crims quoted 98 / 100
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