Myth of A Life - Chimera
Sleaszy Rider Records
Melodic Death Metal
4 songs (14'00")
Release year: 2017
Sleaszy Rider Records
Reviewed by Alex

The young UK collective Myth of a Life has a moniker that may hint at something epic or progressive, yet the music quickly reveals something much more basic and grounded.

Honestly though, my first hurried spin through Chimera didn’t entirely create a lasting impression, but the sheer catchiness of Myth of a Life music is what brought me back, and deservedly so. After hiss and clank intro Omen (probably reflecting on the EP’s title), the band launches into the rapid fire melodic death riffs which somehow hinted at At the Gates Nausea off of their foundational Slaughter of the Soul, or maybe, to be a little fairer and more realistic, reminiscent of the 2nd generation Gothenburg style bands like early Soilwork or Dutch Callenish Circle. Certifiably catchy melody bits, wolfpack high-low vocals, squealing solo - what I remembered the most from the title track was its high energy level throughout.

For two more cuts, God Within and The True Face of Death, Myth of a Life continue their push unabated. Even what I at first considered to be a breakdown in The True Face of Death turned out to be a quick slower melodic insert, the track maintaining both good vibe and positive spirit, despite its title. God Within pushes up a horror aspect, driven by consistent double bass.

Not in the market to claim originality, Myth of a Life play melodic death metal of 15 - 20 years ago without oversaturating it with unnecessary modern production flourishes.

Killing Songs :
Pretty cool EP
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