Sartegos - Balmog - split
Caverna Abysmal
Black Metal
2 songs (12'54")
Release year: 2017
Reviewed by Alex

I have touched for a couple of times on Portuguese black metal scene. It is very obscure and pretty active. A two track split between Sartegos and Balmog is underground as it gets. Nobody ever heard of these bands, and their pictures are blurry, faces unseen, black and white sketches, so that even their relatives may not recognize the musicians.

Sartegos Lume do Visitante – Morrer No Nas is a churning tremolo cauldron, guitars set not to a high frequency grating sound, but instead much lower, almost at a level of a bass drum. To the point that tom drum hits sound very shallow and clunky. The whole atmosphere and continuous pressure add layers of darkness. Shamanistic whispers, hoarse occult voices bring the native barbaric feel culminating in an extremely melodic solo.

Sadly, I can’t quite say I liked Balmog track Venomous as much. This is basically a blizzard of blastbeated supported riffs, which never go anywhere and don’t get interesting at any point. So Balmog can play fast, that we know, but memorability level of Venomous is close to zero.

Occultish and mystical Sartegos is a winner hands down.

Killing Songs :
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