Rimfrost - A Clash Under the Northern Wind
Non Serviam Records
Blackened Epic Metal
1 songs (10'43")
Release year: 2017
Reviewed by Alex

I did not hear Rimfrost most recent self-titled album, so my latest experience with the Swedish black metal trio is their 2009 Veraldar Nagli. What I recall from that album is folk-tinged black metal by Rimfrost was a lot more Immortal-like black thrash than synthesizer laden folk melodies recitation. While not truly original then, Rimfrost were at least non-compromising. The longer epic tracks made appearance on Veraldar Nagli, but I recall the grime and grit more distinctly.

A Clash Under the Northern Wind then represents something new, at least for me, where Rimfrost is concerned. The Swedes have delivered a blackened, but not too raw, significant Viking epic with this single. If previous comparisons were with Immortal, A Clash Under the Northern Wind is a trip parallel to an old, more militaristic sounding, Amon Amarth. If you think Amon Amarth is now power metal with heavy sounding production more than anything, and miss Once Sent from the Golden Hall, Rimfrost single may be something you want to hang your hat on. Swinging from riff to riff, changing beats and rhythms, touching on a tiny bit of ethereal synth in spots, Rimfrost still find the time for thrash and melodic death metal. Hravn Decmiester eventually gives in and stops his trademark snarl in favor of cleaner chants, but Rimfrost maintains its prideful posture and never comes off as a gimmick. The final stately closing melody reminded me of my last year’s discovery Mistur, and that is another worthy comparison. It would be interesting what path A Clash Under the Northern Wind puts Rimfrost from here.

Killing Songs :
Alex quoted 82 / 100
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