Hammerfall - Glory To The Brave
Nuclear Blast
True Metal !!!
9 songs (45'00)
Release year: 1997
Hammerfall, Nuclear Blast
Reviewed by Chris

The more I think about it the more I have to say a big thank you to Hammerfall. Without them the metal scene would not be alive and kickin' as it is today (or things would be different at least). Some people may disagree (your opinions are actually welcome.... but remember, opinions, not insults !), and although Rhapsody and Edguy did contribute to it as well by releasing atomic bombs at about the same time, this Glory To The Brave is simply what put back metal on track. I take this opportunity to say how outraged I am about the late assault against Joacim. I sure hope he'll recover soon ... Metalreviews is really sad to see the stupidity that still exists in the matters of music disputes and differences. If you can't accept a musical opinion to the point of becoming violent, then better shoot yourself, you'll do everyone a favor ! But don't come telling me you're a metal brother, cause the spirit of metal is not assaulting musicians on the pretext you don't like their music and then run away like a f**king coward. This attitude really makes me sad...

Now, back to things at hands, in other words, one of my most praised possessions : the first Hammerfall album. The funny thing is that I didn't like it at first and I'm not kidding :), I was like : "listen bro, this CD sucks !" ... and he was laughing at me and telling me I understood nothing about metal. Well, he was right for sure. Lucky me I decided to take it with me on vacation that same summer... and one day, when I was really in need of good music, I've put the CD out, and then : the revelation happened, I was actually listening to absolute musical perfection ! And I couldn't believe my ears, was that the same CD ? ... still asking myself if I didn't put it upside down the fist times :). Imagine the best square guitar riffs you can find and mix it with very catchy melodies, add to those the incredible emotion packed vocals of Joacim Cans and you'll be in for a ride ! The songs are pure addictive, the more you listen to them, the more you fall on your knees, begging for more. I've pledge allegiance to these guys right after my vacations in Greece... where I truly discovered that album, listening to it day after day, 5 times a day at least, during 2 weeks. And I can't wait for their upcoming fourth album. I truly hope it will be in the veins of this killer debut. If I should define Hammerfall's music : I would say take the best of Pretty Maids merge it with the best of Judas Priest... "Tough and powerful mix that would be... tough and powerful mix" (like master Yoda would wisely say :) ). Well, that's what it sure is. And a neckbreaker too, I've never head banged more in my life than when I listen to this album or when I'm exploding my lungs while singing along on Hammerfall live shows. One more funny thing, guess who's on drums here ? Jesper Stromblad ? ... does that ring a bell ? ... yes I'm sure it does : one of the man behind In Flames. No wonder I like In Flames that much, hehe. He's of course not only drumming here, he also wrote at least half the songs with his fellow templars.

To date, Hammerfall was unable to duplicate the intensity, the emotion and the power coming out of Glory To The Brave... the second album was a definite killer and I like the third album a lot too (though it's their weakest so far), but it almost seems like this album is the best True Metal can be. I suppose the vocals of Joacim here are probably the key to that feeling... I'm sure that Joacim did a lot of progress since then (technically I mean), but I preferred his vocals on the first album : they are so emotional, it actually feels like someone is tearing his heart apart, squeezing it to get every bit of emotions on every notes he sings, and the result is simply magnificent. Songs like The Dragon Lies Bleeding, Hammerfall, Steel Meet Steel, I Believe, The Metal Age, Stone Cold ... they all are classics. The only thing I could have lived without is the Warlord cover. I'm by all means not a fan of them, I had never heard anything from them until their new album, and I was certainly not impressed. I still like a lot this Hammerfall version of Child Of The Damned, but if I had to get rid of one track on the CD, it would be this one without hesitation.

So, this album is a true classic, and if you believe you're a True Heavy Metal fan, then you must have it in your collection. From the first to the last second Glory To The Brave kills... by all means. Nothing to say on any parts of the album, from production to vocals, guitars to drums... everything is perfect : artcover included (hell yeah !!). Made by my favorite metal artist : Andreas Marshall. Don't come talk about metal to me if you don't own that album :) ! The best True Metal album (with Vain Glory Opera) there is. Own-it-or-die !

Killing Songs :
"Powerful Jedi's are they.... powerful Jedi's..."
Chris quoted 100 / 100
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