Annihilator - Double Live Annihilation
AFM Records
Thrash Live !
Disc 1: 8 songs (42'00) Disc 2: 11 songs (50'40)
Release year: 2003
Annihilator, AFM Records
Reviewed by Danny
Major event

We are sorry for the delay of this review, but as the promo was only covering a part of this double live, we preferred to wait until we had the original double Cd in our hands :-)

Annihilator was one of the most innovative bands of the second half of the 80's. Although they play a traditional thrash metal and included several elements from the heavy/speed metal scene, this guy have almost invented the technical thrash metal sound (with Megadeth of course). When you hear bands like Pantera and Machine Head, you now Jeff Waters has inspired the second thrash metal generation. The Canadian band was among the first to add groovy elements in the fantastic albums Alice in Hell and Never Neverland, paving the band's reputation. Alice in Hell had the presence of vocalist Randy Rampage and Never Neverland brought Coburn Pharr handling the vocal duties. With similar styles, these albums are considered the best Annihilator albums ever ... by their die-hard fans.

After many internal problems and many controversial albums - Remains and the famous drum machine - Jeff called back their original vocalist Randy Rampage and released Criteria for a Black Widow. This was the most well received album since Never Neverland. But problems happened on tour in Europe - Randy was drunk - and he was fired again. As you all know, Joe Comeau - ex-Liege Lord singer, ex-Overkill musician - is the new singer of Annihilator since Carnival Diablos. You also know my point of view about Joe, especially after the fantastic Carnival Diablos. The second album with Joe Comeau was Waking The Fury, which is another great album of the Canadian thrash metal band. Two in a row please !!! After six long year - In Command/Live (1997) - Annihilator is back with a brand new live album, a double one to be precise.

This Double Live Annihilation starts with Murder, where Joe and Jeff demonstrates all the power of the band. Not the time to say "woaaaw", Ultra-Motion hits you right in the face. Joe my friend, you definitely rules. Of course, we all wanted to know how Joe would perform with the classic : King Of The Kill, Refresh The Demon, Sin. Kill 1, The Box, Alison Hell, Crystal Ann, Never Neverland, Phantasmagoria, etc. Joe's performance is splendid and I hope the collaboration between Joe, Jeff and Annihilator will continue as long as possible.

I have just one doubt about the crowd. I can't explain it but this is far from sounding true ... far to be as strong as the crowd in Athens (Iced Earth). The crowd seems "overdubbed", sounding like they are watching ... the Superbowl. Strange, very strange. A part this little detail, Double Live Annihilation wakes you up from the first track 'til the last one. What a shame that The Rush has not be chosen in the set-list, but with 6 tracks on 19 representing the last two studio albums, I guess the choice of the set-list is finally the right one.

For info, the limited digibook edition - the one I used for the review - is magnificent : it includes a bonus live video from Paris, May 2002. After Alive In Athens (Iced Earth), this digibook must belong to your collection. You will have no excuse to ignore this live if you claim yourself a thrash metal fan.

Please Mr. Jeff Waters, I am down on my knees, keep this singer as long as you can !!!

Killing Songs :
Ultra-Motion, Murder, Alison Hell, Shallow Grave
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