Dreamtale - Ocean's Heart
Spinefarm Records
Melodic Power / Speed Metal
14 songs (64'54)
Release year: 2003
Dreamtale, Spinefarm Records
Reviewed by Marty
Finland's Dreamtale have delivered their new album to the masses with Ocean's Heart, their second full length album in the band's short 4 year career. Formed in 1999 by guitarist Rami Keranen, the band quickly got a demo together, landing them a spot in a local talent contest. Their second demo was released in Japan and all copies were quickly scooped up. The success of their second demo put them in the envious position of being courted by many labels, eventually signing with Spinefarm Records. Original bass player, Alois Weimer departed after the recording for the band's first album, Beyond Reality with the band's producer (also a bass player) jumping in to fill the vacancy.

The music of this band is somewhat typical for a speedy melodic power metal band with the fast double bass frenzies, fast guitar riffing. shredding lead solos, fast keyboards and big melodic choruses. In a word, most of the material this band presents brings one band to mind....fellow countrymen, Stratovarius. The music is fast and catchy for the most part however the band mixes in some more mid-tempo tunes and a few slower, pounding heavy ones. Lead vocalist Tomi Viitola is a dead ringer for Timo Kotipelto at times. His vocal range and style are very similar and many of the choruses of the songs have a Stratovarius quality to them. Narration is used on a few tracks to tell the story of the album, a concept about an ancient race of people and the battle for control over them. Female lead vocals are used on several tracks and are provided by Sanna Natunen. Her voice is used as backing vocals on a couple of tracks, lead vocals on another with another one being a duet with her and Tomi Viitola. Menacing death metal style vocals are used in small parts of 2 songs as well and are provided by Rainer Nygard from the band Diablo. The use of other vocalists breaks up some of the monotony and adds to the epic nature of the concept and of the album as a whole.

This band really sounds great and although the first couple of tracks sound way too typical and almost copycat like, the album offers lots to the listener with different styles and tempos of melodic power metal. The production is superb, crisp and everything is balanced just right. My only criticisms of the band are that they sound too much like other bands. Vocalist Tomi Viitola even sounds like he's trying to sound like Timo Kotipelto on a few tracks and Michael Kiske on others. His voice has limitations and occasionally we are reminded of them. The speedy riffs and fast drumming style has now been done to death by way too many bands. Without the different styles of songs found midway through this CD, I would've had a very hard time even being remotely interested in this band. If your absolutely crazy about this type of metal and love all the bands that are playing this style, you'll definitely like this band. If you only have a passing interest in this form of music, you may not find much difference in this band over the hundreds of others that sound just like this. A solid melodic power/speed metal album but for serious fans of the genre only.

Killing Songs :
Angel Eyes, Fool's Gold, Rising Wind and Return To The Sea
Marty quoted 78 / 100
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