Dreamtale - Refuge From Reality (Demo)
True Metal (Hymns)
4 songs (22'34)
Release year: 2001
Reviewed by Chris
Surprise of the month

Yet another player in the True Metal division. Well, let's be sure of one thing, it's a crowded scene, with many many talents and a slowly but surely sense of "déjà vu" in most releases. Let's be honest this one is not an exception in the matter.

Dreamtale is a band from Finland that plays a very melodic True Metal, favoring the "hymn" like songs. They remind me Stratovarius and Edguy. The singer has quite a strange voice, and it took me quite a few spins to really accept him, but once you've adapted to him he is very pleasant, he's maybe trying a little bit too much to sound like Timo Kotipelto or Kai Hansen (sometimes even a bit Tobias Sammet) from time to time... which I guess are his main sources of inspiration. The music is very melodic and positively charged, no aggression whatsoever with an important use of keyboards just like the above mentioned bands. Now this CD is a 4 song demo CD that is quite impressive although not very original (predictable verses, bridges and choruses...). I think the main area that the band needs to improve are the vocals, they need to stand up more (more rageous) instead of just accompany the music.

Dreamtale might not be the most original band around, but they play very epic and enjoyable True Metal hymns. Their production is a bit light, but for a demo CD it's quite nice already and I can easily imagine the results if the band would record an album with a strong production ! I think that if a label gives them the support they need they could accomplish very good things. I'm looking forward to listen to a full length album since this 4 track demo contains only good songs. The band have a nice website on which you can downloads some songs (also full older songs that are very nice). Be sure to check it out. Now if you're a label and in search for a good True Metal newcomer band, my advice is : sign these guys up as they have what it takes ! Keep up the good work guys.

Killing Songs :
The 4 hymns !
Chris quoted 80 / 100
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