Armored Saint - Nod To The Old School
MetalBlade Records
US Heavy Metal
Disc 1: 18 songs (72'20) Disc 2: 4 songs (?)
Release year: 2001
Armored Saint, MetalBlade Records
Reviewed by Danny

I am a bit surprised by this album. This is only the second record of Armored Saint with Metal Blade (since they are back of course) and considering their fans (and me) have been waiting almost ten years for Revelation (previous record and first one since the reunification of the band), I am wondering why Armored Saint decided to not record a brand new album ?

Ok, fans will jump on this jewel full of news things (new songs, new versions, covers, live, CDROM files, limited 2CD, ...), but wasn't it the (perfect) time for Armored Saint to stick the "power-metal flag" on earth once forever after their excellent buy-or-die Revelation record.

Anyway ... let's go more in deep of what you should expect from this Nod To The Old School. First of all, the two new songs are positioned at the very beginning. We are talking of Real Swagger & Unstable. Very good songs representing again what is the Armored Saint's spirit. March Of The Saint (new 2001 version) is very well done and has the potential to become again a hit ... considering the number of metal kids out there who don't know this band or this song.

Between live songs, demos and EP songs (18 songs please !!!) and the second limited CD version (CDROM files containing two Live at Whiskey 2000 and two videoclips), this "new" Armored Saint will please all their fans out there who are devoted to this band since twenty years now ... AND I am sure this is the exact mission of these two CDs.

Now please, let's turn the page and give us a brand-new record as soon as possible ... because I will not have the courage to wait for another ten years ;-)

Killing Songs :
The two new songs
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