Dream Evil - Children of the Night
Century Media
Heavy Metal
4 songs (16'51)
Release year: 2003
Dream Evil, Century Media
Reviewed by Ben

Here at metalreviews we get tons and tons of promos, demos, and other cds every week to review and sometimes even bigger name bands get lost in the hoopla of certain labels asking for a prompt review or the huge stack of demos that keep coming in that we feel is our duty to review (support the unsigned or the scene will flounder in sameness) keeps us from cds that made us go, “Hell yea! It’s the new Dream Evil EP!” So therefore this week I’m reviewing a couple releases that came out a few months ago to rectify this problem.

First off, this is the European version of Children of the Night with four tracks, an edit of Children of the Night, two unreleased songs Dragonheart and Betrayed and finally an acoustic version of Evilized. The Japanese version doesn’t have the two unreleased songs because they were bonuses on their regions version of Evilized and so on the EP there are a few demo versions of songs instead. Now that that’s out of the way are the two new songs worth the price of admission for this EP? If you like Dream Evil more than just in passing I would say yes, this is definitely a good deal. Dragonheart comes from the Dragonslayer sessions, and I’m betting it was left of the debut because well dammit, there’s too many dragons about. Let’s see, you got an album called Dragonslayer, three or four songs discussing the killing, death, and mayhem caused by a dragon already so to leave off another song with the word dragon in it with lyrics like “Hear me now I ride upon my horse / Fight me I will bring glory to my lord / As I rip out the dragon’s heart” was a smart choice. Musically, Dragonheart is fast paced with some thick guitar melodies and a sweet solo. It is much in the same vein as the speed of The 7th Day mixed with the melodies and thickness of Chasing the Dragon. Whereas Dragonheart is another straight up Power Metal tune, Betrayed is a mid tempo traditional metal number with the same dark feel to it as the Evilized album had. For this one I’m really curious to why the band left this song off the album because there isn’t anything really annoying (like dragons) to it and it also sounds like it could slide in right next to Fear the Night or Fight You Till the End. Lastly, we have the acoustic version of the song Evilized and going from the heavy electric version to this stripped down one is a big surprise but a good one. There is now a sense of overt dark and foreboding to the song and I actually prefer this to the original. Even though its not a new song this acoustic track so different and enjoyable that it might as well be.

If you are a Dream Evil fan then you will enjoy the Children of the Night EP. The new songs aren’t throwaways and the acoustic track is killer. There is also even a mpeg video for the title cut but its just a live performance, nothing too amazing. If you haven’t heard Dream Evil before I’d recommend you pick up either Dragonslayer or Evilized first, then come to this EP.

Killing Songs :
Betrayed and Dragonheart
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