Dream Evil - The Book Of Heavy Metal
Century Media
True (Melodic) Heavy Metal
12 songs (50'06)
Release year: 2004
Dream Evil, Century Media
Reviewed by Marty
Dream Evil is back with their third album and once again, this band proves that they are one of the best newer bands playing melodic true metal with a sound that is fresh, solid and shows lots of classic metal influences especially from the 80's scene. This album, although continuing in the same vein as previous efforts, actually surprised me a bit with it's collection of metal anthems and is an album that not only is all about heavy metal, it celebrates it in such a way as classic metal hymns like Priest's Heavy Duty/Defenders Of The Faith, Take On All The World and United as well as Saxon's Denim And Leather. Some may think that Dream Evil's taking a bit of a chance releasing a fairly superficial album that's all about singing praises to everything heavy metal but the riffs are big, the choruses huge and this is an album that was designed for the listener to just "throw up the horns" as Ben would say and just enjoy it for what it is....a celebration of heavy metal and the brotherhood that goes along with it.

The metal fest begins with the title track and after a traditional banshee wail of "METALLLLLLL!!!", the pounding de-tuned guitar riffs explode with relentless fury. This is a huge metal anthem that deals with the trials and tribulations of any metal musician and to do what ever it takes to be in "The Book Of Heavy Metal", a reference to a sort of metal bible that defines one's success. A cross between Priest's Heavy Duty and Saxon's Denim And Leather as far as the slow pounding quality of the riffs, Dream Evil has created a metal anthem for the new generation of metalheads. The rest of the album is mix of great charging power metal and de-tuned guitars are used on the slower heavier tracks for an added heavier effect for the riffs. Into The Moonlight has a Sabbath Children Of The Grave groove and is one of the many tracks that feature very melodic Scorpions style vocals and choruses. The Sledge talks about being pounded by "The Sledge Of Rock" during the chorus with "The Sledge" referring to the heavy metal aspects of rock music. No Way, another fast charging track, is another in an endless stream of metal "anthems' and has an Ozzy style vocal delivery in sections. Other highlights include Crusader's Anthem, another melodic and heavy track with a very catchy chorus and M.O.M. which asks the question "Are you a man or a mouse?". This one is slow and pounding heavy and has a very Accept style gang chorus. The album ends with Unbreakable Chain which is essentially a classic arrangement found with any Scorpions power ballad.

There's a certain amount of cheesiness with a few tracks and some of the lyrics are almost laughable. There are a few songs mid album that fall a bit short on quality as far as the rest of the album but all in all, a great heavy metal fest. It's hard to determine the staying power of an album like this but the songs are solid, the production fantastic and Gus G.'s playing is amazing as usual. It sounds great cranked in the car and it almost seems to be written for that listening environment. Enjoy it for what it is, a celebration of metal and the tradition and history that goes with it. Toss it in your CD player, raise the "horns" and enjoy!!!

Killing Songs :
The Book Of Heavy Metal (March Of The Metalians), Into The Moonlight, No Way, Crusader's Anthem and M.O.M.
Marty quoted 85 / 100
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