Anthrax - Music Of Mass Destruction (DVD/CD)
Thrash / Groove Metal

Release year: 2004
Anthrax, Sanctuary
Reviewed by Marty
With all the attention to terrorism, weapons of mass destruction and the anthrax biological weapon over the past several years, Anthrax, the band, has all of a sudden garnered a lot of attention just because of their name. There was some talk of them changing their name at one time but I'm glad they stuck to their guns and didn't give in to any pressure that were put on them to do so. Having a little fun with the events of the last several years, Anthrax, the band, presents us with their new live DVD/CD set entitled Music Of Mass Destruction. Filmed in Chicago which is the heavy metal capital of the U.S. according to the band, we are treated to a full force onslaught of Anthrax metal that is a great mix of newer, John Bush era material with just enough of the old classics to satisfy the die-hard fans.

With the DVD, we are treated to a quick backstage gathering prior to show time that is shown with the main menu. The band is trying to see if they can quickly relearn Lone Justice with guitarist Rob Caggiano. The set explodes with the opening track What Does Not Die and it sounds even better than the studio version. The sound is awesome for this DVD. The set list includes material from their latest album, We've Come For You All with a rousing version of Safe Home that has the whole crowd singing. Tracks from The Sound Of White Noise include Only and Room For One More. The crowd really gets going for the classics Got The Time, Caught In A Mosh, Antisocial, I Am The Law, Indians and the inevitable set closer, the revolutionary rap-metal hybrid of Bring The Noise that even includes a few bars of the Metallica classic, Whiplash.

The sound is excellent and the band's performance is extremely tight. This is simply a great live Anthrax experience. With the camera work and the energy of both the band members and the crowd, this was one special night for the band and it has been captured for the rest of the world to see. Also included are multi-angled versions of the tracks Fueled and the classic Metal Thrashing Mad from their classic debut, A Fistful Of Metal. Extras include a short clip featuring each band member in which we see Scott Ian getting tattooed, talking about the European tour and generally what it's like on the road. Charlie Benante takes us to one of his favorite stores, a giant rare toy warehouse which caters to his collection of rare horror figures. John Bush takes us to his bar that he built in his home called The Burning Bush and shows us his collection of rare wines, liqueurs and other liquors before hoisting a few with friends. Frank Bello, who has recently left the band is not featured in one of these segments but Rob Caggiano is seen on the tour bus being drunk and obnoxious with members of the crew.

The live CD that comes as part of this 2 CD package is a shortened audio version of the songs on the DVD. It's a great package and for about the same cost as a CD, you get both the live CD and the DVD. Crank it up and enjoy.....

Killing Songs :
What Does Not Die, Caught In A Mosh, Safe Home, Antisocial, Indians and Bring The Noise
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