Rammstein - Mein Teil
Industrial Metal
4 songs (23'09)
Release year: 2004
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Reviewed by Danny

Mein Teil is the new single of the forth-coming album Reise, Reise (expected for September 2004). Mein Teil has just been released in Germany, Austria and Switzerland on 26th July. The international release will follow in August 30, 2004. Being a huge Rammstein fan, I bought this one last Monday: believe it or not, I haven't found it so easily ... because the only sh*t you find today in Cds-store is still the music played on MTV. No comment :(

There will be various formats of Mein Teil: as a maxi-single in a jewel case, as a limited edition in a digipack case, and as a small but nice Pock-It single. I bought this one blindly and my first disappointment comes from the "set-list" of this single. There are four songs on Mein Teil ... but that's four time the same song. Of course, this is not exactly the same song as the three other tracks have been remixed:

1 - Mein Teil : album version.
2 - Mein Teil : You Are What You Eat (edit remix by Pet Shop Boys)
3 - Mein Teil : The Return To New York Buffet (remix by Arthur Baker)
4 - Mein Teil : there are no guitars on this mix (again remix by Pet Shop Boys)

Mein Teil is a typical Rammstein track in the vein of Mutter album. No change on board : this is Rammstein sound, Rammstein rhythm, immense raw power and of course, Rammstein lyrics. The song is about a true story: a German cannibal ... who cuts and eats his own penis. Once again, Rammstein use their favorite path : shocking people. The second track is cool, very "dancy", where you recognize immediately Pet Shop Boy's trademark. The third and the fourth track have been added in order to "fill" this single. They bring absolutely nothing as far as I am concerned. What a shame :(

The new Rammstein video Mein Teil was filmed in Berlin on the second and third of June, 2004. A 50-headed team and the director Zoran Bihac, who previously directed Links 2 3 4, came up with the concept together with Rammstein. It is a shame this video has not been added to the single !

Mein Teil remains a cool teaser before Reise, Reise ... even though I am disappointment with the "cheap" content of this single. Rammstein has so much material in store that one or two lives video songs would have been an easy task. Who said money ???

Killing Songs :
Let's wait the full album :)
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