Annihilator - Never, Neverland
Roadrunner Records
Extreme Thrash Speed Metal
13 songs (53:20)
Release year: 1990
Annihilator, Roadrunner Records
Reviewed by Brent
Exit Randy Rampage, Enter Coburn Pharr. This album sees a more mature sounding Annihilator. The guitar work is a little more intricate, as well as a more melodic singer in the form of Coburn Pharr. The album opens with the song “The Fun Palace”. Not the fastest Annihilator song, but definitely a fan favorite. The second song is “Road To Ruin”. This song is about drunk driving. It is definitely one of my favorites on the album. After that is the song “Sixes and Sevens”. Really cool “driving” guitar song. “Stonewall” takes the 4th slot on the album. A few nicely added change-ups from really fast to melodic guitar playing are thrown in. Great transition I think. Next up is “Never Neverland”, definitely one of my favorite Annihilator songs, also another song in the Alison Hell chronicles (see first album Alice In Hell). Just the sheer speed Jeff plays at is phenomenal. “Imperiled Eyes” is next. I love Jeff's transitions so much and so randomly between fast and pumping, to slower and more melodic guitar playing. What a great song. Ok, next up on the plate (you will get the joke in a second), is everyone’s favorite song about Mac and Cheese, "Kraf Dinner". Hey… isn’t that just a cheap rip-off of Kraft Dinner? No, never, Waters would never dream of it. This is such an awesome song. This is where Annihilator and Jeff start to show their funny side. What? You don’t like funny? You wouldn’t like this band then. I mean, come on, “Macaroni Maniac! Cheddar Cheese Heart Attack!”, that is pure genius. And remember kids; Kraf Dinner is FULL OF LOVE AND BUTTER. “Phantasmagoria” is up next, definitely a scorcher, and a fan favorite as well. “Reduced To Ash” is next, nothing super-special, probably my least favorite off of the album. Last but not last, as I have the extended version of the album with extra demo tracks, is “I Am In Command”. Definitely one of the faster songs on the album, Pharr’s vocals on this track are as lightning fast as Water’s Picking Hand (to some who have paid attention to the Annihilator world for the past few days would get the joke, yes, it was intended). That pretty much does it for yet another masterpiece from the Annihilator camp, except for the 3 demos at the end. The first is “Kraf Dinner”, faster than the original, but with no vocals. Next up is “Mayhem”, which turned into “Reduced To Ash”, yet again Jeff takes over the vocal duties. Last is “Freed From The Pit”, which turned into “Road To Ruin”. Jeff sings on this one once again, but different lyrics that RTR, and he is singing on this one and not using the deathy vocals he used on earlier demos. I like the finished product of this song better. I would have to say that this is my favorite Annihilator album. I really can’t think of anything else that could have been taken out or put in to make it any better. Really good transition from what we last heard on Alice In Hell. Don’t get me wrong, I think Alice In Hell is one of their best albums, but I like this album just a little better. Plain and simple, if you are a fan of thrash metal, this album and its predecessor should be in your collection.
Killing Songs :
Are you crazy? All of them!
Brent quoted CLASSIC
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