Devin Townsend - Physicist
Neo Melodic Speed / Thrash
11 songs (46'37)
Release year: 2000
Devin Townsend, SPV
Reviewed by Danny
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Physicist is the newest brainchild from Canadian artist (Einstein ?) Devin Townsend. Described by Devin himself as being a collection of "speed metal pop songs" (heeeuu "pop" is a bit provocateur here), this new bombastic album combines the use of brutal drumming, aggressive vocals with board, atmospheric melodies. If you are a fans of Children Of Bottom's type of music, this one is for you. Now Devin brings yet another facet to his already diverse catalogue of musical output, which start in 1992 with Steve Vai's "Sex and Religions" album, continue with Strapping Young Lad and Ocean Machine.

The first song Namaste is so melodic, so fast, so aggressive and is a lessons to all those "speed thrash bands" : a masterpiece in the history of melodic speed/thrash style. The second song Victim, with its "black metal" atmospheric melodies in the back, is a fusion of neo-metal, thrash, black metal and let's not forget ... punk. I am wondering on this one if the guys is really "normal being". Inside Physicist's booklet there is a photo of Devin and honestly it reminds me ... Einstein. This guys is crazy and so is his music. Crazy, but wonderful. Crazy, but essential!

Physicist is simply unique, amazing, f***ing melodic and with its Beatles' chorus here and there, it is already a classic of the year 2000. The kind of album we will talk again in ten years. The only advice I can tell you is this one : listen to it one time !
You will be a different metal kid after this Physicist experience.

Killing Songs :
Namaste, Victim
Danny quoted 95 / 100
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