Devin Townsend - Terria
InsideOut Music
Atmospheric / Prog
11 songs (72'00)
Release year: 2001
Devin Townsend, InsideOut Music
Reviewed by Paul

"It's only intertainment folks", sais the master himself in the song Earth Day. Sure it is, but it's kind of hard to review an album like this. Let's start the things like this : Devin Townsend used to be the vocalist and guitar player for Steve Vai, ok and there is some more, he created Strapping Young Lad and Ocean Machine.When he's not under depressive influences this guy is a genius or maybe the opposite when he's under depressive influences he's a genius. I don't know but he's a charismatic lad who brang a lot to Heavy Metal when it was at its wickest in the end of the 90's.

The easiest way to understand Terria would be, maybe to listen to his past work like Physicist, Infinity and Ocean Machine's Biomech which all 3 of them came out in the year 2000. If not then let me explain you this: for the album City from S.Y.L. the cover is black and red and the album is pure brutality, for Physicist and Biomech by Ocean Machine the covers are blue-grey, which means he was blue by the time he was writing these works and the cover from Infinity is black and white he's fellings were happier and you can see it on the picture while he's smiling naked (just a little crazy...). So and what about Terria and this picture from mother nature showing the elements from earth... It means that he has landed on planet earth, accepting to be a human being just like anyone. Yes he feels much better now, but the therapy is still not over yet...

Devin Townsend said that he has made a full circle with his previous releases and explorations into the Heavy Metal horizons. So for him he has left this area for something much more down to earth. So why do I review this album, just because Mr. "Divine" Townsend is great and open minded, very good in what he does and who knows maybe one day he'll find his way back to Mighty Metal. But don't be afraid Terria isn't that far away from Infinity or Ocean Machine Biomech. but it takes quiet some time to get into it.

Let's talk a little about the songs. Mountain is a typical Townsend song. Earth Day and Canada are great songs. Deep Peace is about the oceans: deep and blue. Down and Under a folk song. The Fluke is a bit more a Rush soundlike song. Maybe Devin Townsend is the spiritual son from Rush... Nobody's Here and Tiny Tears a depressing ballads with a touch of Pink Floyd. Stagnant is a little more popy sounding like U2's Joshua Tree, it is a very good song. The last one is a heavy blues with nothing interesting on itself.

Terria comes out the 27th of august and exists in two versions the regular version and as double cd within digipack as limited edition.

Killing Songs :
Mountain, Earth Day, Canada, The Fluke, Stagnant
Paul quoted 80 / 100
Aleksie quoted 100 / 100
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