Warmachine - The Beginning Of The End
Nightmare Records
Classic Heavy Metal / Thrash Metal
11 songs (44'17)
Release year: 0
Warmachine, Nightmare Records
Reviewed by Marty
I was first introduced to Warmachine a few years back as the opening act for the Helloween, Jag Panzer, Beyond The Embrace show at the Opera House in Toronto in October of 2003. I met lead vocalist/guitarist Joe DiTaranto after their set and he gave me a copy of their first demo CD (recorded in 2001) which I reviewed here at Metal Reviews. Much of 2004/2005 was spent recording and shopping around their first full length album entitled The Beginning Of The End as well as searching for more permanent band members to stabilize the line-up. Warmachine gets lots of high-profiled help with this album with Dave Ellefson (ex-Megadeth) playing bass and co-producing three tracks. Also contributing are vocalist Murray Daigle, guitarist Mike Dmitrovic and bassist Sean Gregory; all from Emerald Rain as well as guitarist Ralph Santolla (Iced Earth) and current and former vocalists of Harem Scarem, Harry Hess and Darren Smith. Murray Daigle, having produced all other Warmachine releases, also produced this CD.

This album is a mix of new material as well as re-recordings of older material. Taunted Souls and Apocalypse were originally recorded in 1998 for the Demo-Lition E.P. with Taunted Souls having a great speedy thrash style mixed with more traditional and melodic metal and Apocalypse showing influences from both Metallica and Megadeth. The sound quality is much better than anything they've released before and they manage to throw in a few surprises especially with the first track, Betrayed. With it's detuned and ultra-heavy style, it has more of a modern heavy metal sound and not the classic Megadeth, Metallica and Iron Maiden style of their previous work. A little different and experimental, it sees Joe DiTaranto singing in a more menacing style but still maintaining the melodic edge that their metal music has always had. With the next track Empty, things return to normal with this one being a more traditional heavy metal style with lots of doubling of the vocal tracks (backing vocals by Murray Daigle) and with a more Michael Kiske style delivery by Joe, giving the whole track more of a melodic power metal feel. Four tracks from their 2001 demo appear here totally re-recorded. Beginning Of The End, Forgotten Demise, Eye For An Eye and Dust To Dust were highlights of their demo and they are also highlights of this album. The Beginning Of The End is one of those signature tracks that some bands have and with it's catchy and infectious melodic lead guitar fills and overall classic Megadeth style, it's one of those tracks that defines the Warmachine sound. Forgotten Demise still has the booming riff style with a very Dave Mustaine-like vocal delivery but with this version, some acoustic guitar sprinkles are added to the mix and some great building Metallica Fade To Black style lead guitar.

Besides the first two tracks (Betrayed and Empty), Safe Haven, Fate and Eternally represent brand new material that is appearing for the first time. Safe Haven has a wild and fast Megadeth riffing style whereas Fate sees the band using more of chunkier mid-tempo power metal but with Joe's trademark melodic vocals. Eternally is another mid-tempo track that has power/thrash metal influences with a Saxon-flavored main riff.

With the huge resurgeance in classic heavy metal Warmachine has finally attracted label attention; something they so rightly deserve. Their music is a solid and infectious blend of classic heavy metal/thrash metal and Joe DiTaranto can sing with the same Mega-Dave snarl, but it's his ability to sing with great strength and melody that gives the band it's character. There's several tracks from this album that are available for download through the band's website as well as others from previous demos. I suggest to anyone that if you think you'd like the style of metal they play, sample a few of their tracks and post your comments on what you think. This album has been done for quite some time and it's finally getting released worldwide Feb. 3rd via Lance King's Nightmare Records. There's a CD release party scheduled for February 3rd at the Bovine Sex Club in Toronto and they are also part of Metal Queen Management's Canadian Music Week Festival Showcase at The Vatikan in Toronto on March 4th along with Cryptopsy, Penetrator and Shatterpoint. It's great to see a local band finally getting a shot at something they've worked very hard for. They have a very strong following in and around the Toronto area and now it's time for the rest of the world to all become "Warheads"....congratulations guys!!

Killing Songs :
Empty, Beginning Of The End, Forgotten Demise and Eye For An Eye
Marty quoted 82 / 100
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