Warmachine - Left For Dead
Heavy Metal
11 songs (43'52)
Release year: 2010
Reviewed by Marty
Lead vocalist and guitarist Joe DiTaranto of Toronto Canada's Warmachine was kind enough to send me an advance copy of their yet to be released second full length album Left For Dead. Veteran producer Murray Daigle once again handled the production duties and the band is currently shopping this album around to the labels in hopes of a release date sometime later this year.

Much in the same vein as the band's first full length album, The Beginning Of The End, Left For Dead sees Warmachine combining the traditional metal sounds of their earlier work with more modern metal styles including the use of drop D tuning. The one striking difference with this new album is the abundance of rich melodic hooks, solid catchy choruses and lots of vocal layering by Joe DiTaranto. The band has all but abandoned the tough Megadeth vocal style in favour of fully utilizing the power and strength of Joe's voice. The album opener Moving On really sets the tone with its modern heavy metal style and strong memorable chorus. Forgive And Forget You is another fine example of just how this band's sound has matured with a great mix of melody and heaviness all with a decidedly modern edge. Tracks like Too Late and Chalk Lines and Bones use drop D tuning for added heaviness with the latter featuring Joe DiTaranto delivering a very Jeff Keith (Tesla) sounding lead vocal. Lots of traditional metal influences can still be found here with the Maiden-ish guitar riffs, very tight arrangements and rich melodic chorus of We're The Chemical; an outstanding track that takes this band to new heights of professionalism. Alive continues much in the same traditional metal vein with speedy European power metal influences and a very Michael Kiske type of vocal from Joe. Razor sharp Accept like riffing graces the track Loved and Lost with some very tasty harmonized lead guitar work and strong harmonized vocals. Fallacy also makes good use of harmony thirds with its slower and plodding heavy metal style. Inevitable Crash shows the Megadeth influences once again (they do a great version of Tornado Of Souls!!) with the riffs, attitude and very technical and interesting instrumental interludes. The title track Left For Dead also makes excellent use of extended instrumental passages; adding an element of drama and complexity to the band's sound. The album finishes with A New Beginning; a track that mixes galloping riffs, progressive metal dynamics and harmonized lead guitar work, all topped off by the rich melody that is a real highlight of this entire album.

Left For Dead sees so much more passion and melody creeping into Warmachine's sound than ever before. Melodic lead guitar fills are more frequent than ever as is the increased use of double tracking on Joe's voice. The result is a striking "catchiness" that the band has hinted at with previous work yet has come full circle here with this new album. They have gone in an almost totally new direction with this album yet it still has the distinctive Warmachine sound that has not in any way sacrificed the heavy guitar riffs and melodic lead guitar work. Lots of influences can still be heard throughout their songs but I think this album is the best one yet to finally put a stamp on their own unique and distinctive Warmachine sound. Things are looking good for these guys as they are currently opening for W.A.S.P. in the U.S. (as long as Blackie Lawless doesn't keep cancelling shows!) and an appearance at Headbanger's Open Air In Germany this July is also on the bands itinerary. Look for this album when it finally gets released; a great mix of traditional heavy metal, modern metal and melody all with strong vocals and a very mature and professional style. Well-done guys and good luck!

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Killing Songs :
We're The Chemical, Alive, Inevitable Crash, Forgive and Forget You and A New Beginning
Marty quoted 82 / 100
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