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ATCO Records
Progressive Metal (Masters)
8 songs (57'09)
Release year: 1992
Dream Theater
Reviewed by Chris

Since I'm mentioning them all the time when it gets to prog metal, it is only fair that I review what I consider the best progressive metal album of all times.

Before I start I just want to remind that this is DT second album, the first one was already a cool one, music wise that is since the first vocalist of the band was a joke and was absolutely not the singer they needed.

So, there second album is in fact the first one with a full packed lineup and for me this is simply their best album, no questions asked. The level of musicianship of these guys makes you wonder how it's possible to be so melodic and technical at the same time, achieving something that I find extremely difficult to do : merge these 2 elements. "Technique" and Melody are unlikely to form a good couple usually... the balance almost always lean to one side or the other. A good example is M. Malmsteen where technical wins over the melodies, at least most of the time, procuring impressive solos but impossible to remember melodies and feelings... like it was just machine music sometimes (no offense). On the other hand Patrick Ronda will not let too much technic stand in the way of general melody... instead it will use technical moments to enhanced certain parts of his songs which I largely prefer but again there's not really an equal balance here.

Anyway, Dream Theater found an extraordinary balance (probably the best I've experienced) between technicalities and melody in this masterpiece. Some moments are already written in many fans minds as the best piece of music there is, like Metropolis part I for example or Take The Time which I find simply unbelievable. For me it's simply the best piece of progressive metal ever. Although most of you know that I'm not fund of prog metal in general, for me, this style can be extraordinary when it's played like this. But unfortunately this album is quite unique, I doubt that there's something approaching it to that day. Who knows, maybe in the future (I certainly hope so).

As for the music itself, it's melodic all the way, vocals are amazing and James LaBrie simply have an unbelievable voice and impressive vocal abilities. The guitars are simply majestic, and so are the keyboards. And as for the piano parts, they leave me speechless. The melodies and emotions that they will trigger are very powerfull... almost like they are magical. And magic maybe the element that makes that release so extraordinary.

If you are into progressive metal then there's very little chance that I make you discover a new classic album with this review and it's most likely already in your collection. For the others, I can only say that if there's one Prog Metal CD on the planet that you should try, then try this one ! Simply the best in it's category, leaving the competition far behind (millions of light years away as far as I'm concerned).

Killing Songs :
All of them !
Chris quoted CLASSIC
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