Domine - Ancient Spirit Rising
DragonHeart / SPV
Epic True / Speed Metal
9 songs (64'46)
Release year: 2007
Domine, DragonHeart
Reviewed by Chris

The Italian True Metalers Domine are back with their new offering, their fifth album to date, which was released on February 12th. For those who don't know Domine, they are playing some True / Speed / Power metal while lyrically they are mainly telling the adventures of Elric de Melnibonne, Michael Moorcock's anti-hero yet lovable character somehow. It's also one of the most successful bands from Italy, after Rhapsody (of Fire) of course. I was quite looking forward to listen to this album, especially after the Emperor Of The Black Runes, which had left me a tad disappointed after the inhuman Stormbringer Ruler. So the question I was asking myself is : will this be as good as Domine's third (and godly) and best album ?

Well as far as I'm concerned the answer is no. Still this offering is a solid piece of True Metal like Domine knows how to deliver. There isn't much new to tell compared to the previous two albums, except maybe that the album can feel a tad mellow at times compared to some of the speed metal aggressionDomine usually delivers. Don't get me wrong, its not a slow album (not by a long shot !), but it contains a bit more mellow mood and passages then and there. The vocals, still very good and with that very special high vocal tone we've used to expect from Domine' singer Morby. As with the previous albums, the album contains raging and (ultra) fast guitars, great solos (some amazing twin guitars) and an overall melodic feeling, great and epic songs with some quite long ones (9+ minutes). The album contains a lot of solid and enjoyable songs, some more aggressive, some speedy, and some mid-tempo songs, and the power ballad ending the album (How The Mighty Have Fallen). Songs like The Messenger, Tempest Calling, I Stand Alone (After The Fall), On The Wings Of The Firebird & Sky Rider should quench your thirst for fast and speedy songs (Skyrider being a great Speed Metal song). The two epic songs (The Lady Of Shalott & Ancient Spirit Rising) & mid-tempos with fast moments are also quite enjoyable, though they do create that mellow feeling I mentioned earlier. Still, they're pretty good songs (even if not my favorites), that shows that Domine's have well developed their song-writing over the years. In the end there is no fillers on this album, and barely a weak moment.

In the end its a pretty good album and I'm sure most fans of Domine will appreciate. I found Domine to be less repetitive than their Italian counterpart Rhapsody. However, I think the band is struggling to deliver killer choruses of the likes of what was found on Stormbringer Ruler (Still Domine's best album to date). And as you might know I'm a chorus type of guy, 80% of the song lies in its chorus, and while every part of Domine's music is great, I find the choruses to be lacking and not melodic / majestic / bombastic enough. But for people who are not as chorus-centered as me :), I'm sure you'll enjoy Domine's new offering greatly. One thing is for sure, if you're into True / Speed Metal and don't know these guys yet, you definitely need to listen to their music.

Killing Songs :
The Messenger, Tempest Calling, I Stand Alone & Sky Ride
Chris quoted 80 / 100
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