Shadows Fall - Threads of Life
Thrashing Hardcore Power Metal
11 songs (49:02)
Release year: 2007
Shadows Fall, Atlantic Records
Reviewed by Jeff

After releasing five albums on independent labels between 1998 - 2006, Shadows Fall finally get their first major release on Atlantic/WEA Records with their latest album, Threads of Life.

Don't let the myth that a band loses their creative control or sells out in order to please the big record executives when they go from a smaller label to a larger one. Had this been the case, I don't think Shadows Fall would have ever signed with Atlantic/WEA. Threads of Life continues to provide thrashy, hardcore styled power metal with alot of melodic touches mixed in. It's a formula that has seemed to work very well for them, bettering themselves with each release.

With Threads of Life, it seems that a few things have changed. If there is one big difference between Threads of Life and the previous Shadows Fall releases, it's Brian Fair's use of his vocals. Brian Fair is singing much more. In other words, he's really using alot more vocal range and is using much more clarity than on previous releases. He still manages to mix in the harsher vocal styles but nothing like you'd find on an album like Of One Blood or even The Art of Balance. The death metal growls are all but gone.

The production on Threads of Life is outstanding. As always, the drum work is a force to be reckoned with, containing pummeling skin bashing and driving double bass. They make you want to mosh and headbang to no end. The guitar riffs are also not to be outdone, providing the main groundwork for the songs. They are full of intricate patterns and time changes. Even the guitar solos are blistering, making you want to pick up your air guitar and start jamming.

I feel that the songs are not as inspiring this time around nor do they seem to give my attention span much longevity. It seems that Shadows Fall are just going through the motions. The song structures, lyrics, musical delivery and arrangements are not much different from the past three releases.

The album cover is pretty cool. It reminds of something out of the Resident Evil movies.

Over all, Threads of Life is another solid effort, though I must say that I still prefer the energy and songs on albums like Of One Blood and The Art of Balance much more.


Killing Songs :
Redemption, Final Call, Dread Uprsing, Just Another Nightmare, Forevermore
Jeff quoted 75 / 100
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