Shadows Fall - Fire From the Sky
Razor & Tie
Heavy Metal
10 songs (41:42)
Release year: 2012
Shadows Fall, Razor & Tie
Reviewed by Leah

Since the band’s formation in 1995, Shadows Fall has made a name for themselves by becoming one of the few generic Metal bands that can boast a truly unique sound. Brian Fair’s vocals have always been at the forefront of that uniqueness, meshing his own idea of harsh vocals to actual singing. Additionally, the furious guitar work of Matt Bachand and Jonathan Donais have become easily recognizable as well.

With their newest release, Fire From the Sky, Shadows Fall continues to stick by what they do best. Though, even through their previous release, Retribution, they have been exploring even harsher vocals as well as a clean vocal style that is a bigger part of their music than it used to be. Alongside Fair’s distinct yell, Bachand adds deep guttural growls to give the music much more of a Death Metal feel. Contrarily, lengthy clean choruses, also sung by Bachand, are a melodically welcome addition to the signature shredding guitars of standard Shadows Fall tunes.

Fire From the Sky has great energy, right from the beginning. The first track, titled The Unknown, is the perfect example of the album’s direction. Classic Shadows Fall riffage opens the song, which continues into some of the guttural vocals and clean melodic choruses previously mentioned. The Unknown is an undeniably catchy song that has the potential to be a great live song as well; definitely a great way to start an album.

Once again, Shadows Fall brings Metal fans exactly what they like to hear with Fire From the Sky. There are mosh songs like Divide and Conquer, headbanging anthems like Nothing Remains, and great sing-alongs like Save Your Soul and Walk the Edge. There is a taste of something different too, with the title track Fire From the Sky; a slower, more brutal track with a lot more of Bachand’s deep growls. The main riff lends an exotic feel to the song as well.

The song Lost Within has all the elements of a good Metal song, and serves as a good example of Shadows Fall’s style. Jason Bittner's impressive drumming, melodic riffs and heavy chords sum up the beginning of the song as Fair ushers in a sing-along, and almost Hardcore-ish, verse. It all gives way to clean vocals in an extremely catchy chorus followed by a classic Shadows Fall guitar solo. Lost Within is the most noteworthy song on the album, and really shows off the band’s Hardcore influences.

Overall, Fire From the Sky won’t disappoint new listeners or long-time Shadows Fall fans. It has just enough difference to satisfy picky fans who don’t want more of the same, and just enough of the same to keep new people interested and remind them who they’re listening to.

Killing Songs :
The Unknown, Fire From the Sky, Lost Within
Leah quoted 76 / 100
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