Zonata - Reality
Century Media
Melodic Heavy / Speed
11 songs (45'00)
Release year: 2001
Zonata, Century Media
Reviewed by Danny
Surprise of the month

This is the 2nd album from these Swedish. They play melodic heavy/speed metal and Zonata comes this time with a much better production compared to their debut album Tunes Of Steel (1999). Apart from the production, the song-writing is much more mature ... still very influenced by Helloween's first years ... but Zonata, with its own recipe, delivers an excellent heavy/speed demonstration.

Title track reminds me Edguy and fifth song reminds me Nocturnal Rites. Second song, Divided We Stand, is a declaration of "love and devotion" to Helloween and Hollow Rain (fourth song) would have found its place in Gamma Ray's Land Of The Free. I guess Johannes Nyberg (vocals & keyboard) is a big Kai Hansen fan ... actually I could bet a fortune on that. By the way, its vocals are really really good once you get use to it. Well done man!

Nice surprise! I know these guys from their previous work, but this new album is definitively a huge improvement. Reality follows the modern style of heavy/speed metal, sometimes reminding me the masters (Helloween, Gamma Ray, Heaven's Gate, Edguy or Nocturnal Rites), but the way Zonata uses the keyboard, makes them sound very fresh. No copy cat at all as Zonata's bridges & chorus are simply amazing.

No boring moments and again a CD that should be part of your metal collection if you are a fan of melodic heavy/speed metal. If you like Gamma Ray's Land Of The Free or the first Majestic, this Reality becomes a must!!! Pssss ... the cover-art has been made by Derek Riggs. I am sure you follow my words, don't you?

Killing Songs :
Reality, Symphony Of The Night
Danny quoted 85 / 100
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