Katatonia - Last Fair Deal Gone Down
Peaceville Records
Atmospheric Metal
11 songs (50'50)
Release year: 2001
Katatonia, Peaceville Records
Reviewed by Danny

Am I listening to the Beatles here of what? No, it is not The Beatles ... this is something else, but I cannot find it yet. Bloody memory!

Katatonia has decide to play the "Paradise Lost" bet! Yes, I am again amazed by Paradise Lost, I am again amazed how this metal band has influenced the whole metal scene. Yeah I know, you gonna tell me Paradise Lost has been influenced by Depeche Mode and I have no problem with that.

However, after song No 3, I know this is not the Beatles, nor Paradise Lost I am looking for, it is a band who was very inspired by The Beatles. Don't worry danny, by the end of this record you will find this band hidden in this Last Fair Gone Down.

First song or ... The Beatles meets Paradise Lost (Host). At least, it proves that somebody has bought a copy of Host ;-).
Just kidding ... as you should know now I am a mega fan of Paradise Lost. But stop now, we are here to talk of Katatonia, don't we?
In fact no! I am still looking back in my memory to something I really really like. What the hell is it? Ah yes, this time I remember.

I guess the fact I am a bit old now makes me recognize some inspirations here and there, even if this record comes from Katatonia. And the famous record I was searching is not Paradise Lost's Host, it is Kiss' The Elder. Quite a surprise, don't you think?

In fact, I could bet this is not intentional and this concern mostly the vocals (who reminds me the one Kiss has used for The Elder). I am a mega fan of Kiss' The Elder which makes me also like this one.

Apart from that, I have heard that 15 years ago and I cannot take it out of my mind now. Elder's copycat with a new guitar sound?
Who knows?

Killing Songs :
I like actually the whole record....
Danny quoted 82 / 100
Alex quoted 94 / 100
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