Rammstein - Mutter
Unbelievable Metal
11 songs (45'11)
Release year: 2001
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Reviewed by Danny
Major event

Before I start this review, I have to tell you something : I am not a big fan of German lyrics. I have absolutely nothing against this language, but as I do not understand everything, it is getting sometimes on my nerves.

So considering this, can you imagine this new Rammstein is turning on my CD since ten days now and I do not consider to touch the eject button for the next two months. This album blows away everything I have ever heard in metal. A new sound is born: a new metal age will come out from this Mutter, because there is no record sounding like this one in the whole metal history.

When you get lucky enough to have an orchestra playing with you, metal becomes beautiful and takes another dimension. Of course, the song-writing must be good ... but here it is awesome. Every note is at its right place, every song, from thrashy to mid-tempo, makes your soul fly away ;-). At the end you think : "This album would not be so powerful if the lyrics where different from German".

Deep Purple or Metallica (without forgetting Scorpions or Rage) have tried to play with an orchestra. Rammstein doesn't try, they succeed! Their music and the orchestra merge in one, creating the most beautiful thing I have heard since ages and given even more power to Mutter. Listen to Spielurh, Ich Will, Sonne or Mein Herz Brennt, you won't believe it.

So this is my advice my dear readers: hit the play button, put the volume at the maximum position and your neighbors will naturally headband and steel you record once you will be away from home. Simply the best album of the year so far. Don't miss it.

Killing Songs :
ALL !!!!!!
Danny quoted 98 / 100
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