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Release year: 2009
Reviewed by Alex

Don’t get me wrong. I do not plan to get into a habit of writing an editorial every week. It just seems so, however, that for every one I ever wrote for Metal Reviews a lively discussion ensued afterwards. The last week’s piece was no exception, and it actually gave me a thought I wanted to explore. I was warned that if my last piece wasn’t universally lauded, then for this week’s mere suggestion I may be tarred and feathered, while losing whatever reviewer capital I have accumulated constantly contributing to the site for the last 7 years or so. Consequences be damned, I will put the thought out on the table and your direct reaction will be the answer to how the idea fared.

While I was trying to raise the funeral pyre sky high, dedicating it to the untimely demise of Metal Maniacs, I found myself largely mourning the magazine alone. Many of our readers took the discussion where I anticipated it would eventually go - 20th century printed media vs. modern day internet. Can the former survive under the onslaught of the latter? The writing seems to be on the wall, and not only for the metal media. One after another printed outlets fold, leaving behind the void internet publications gladly fill in. Personally, I am quite concerned about the quality of internet journalism replacing trained and experienced professionals, especially taking the broader spectrum issue of the press challenging authorities. That aside, for the metal culture, many argued, independence and easy accessibility of the internet ‘zines guarantee introduction for many bands who otherwise would be hamstrung by both financial and identification issues. While not beholden to the labels, and not in need to print paid for advertising, internet sites are free to criticize more established acts at will and unearth/praise the ones toiling in relative obscurity. Printed magazines, at least in the opinion of many responders, tend to seek their stories and conduct interviews within much more limited talent pool, while a critical review of a prominent release may cause the label to reconsider where to place its advertising budget.

Suffice it to say, in my seven years sharing my thoughts on these pages, I have received a significant stream of promos. I sincerely thank the bands, labels and PR folks for this, but metal gods are my witnesses I was free to express my opinion and I could only dream of being reimbursed. If I received at least a penny for every word I ever wrote for Metal Reviews, I would consider scaling back my hours at the real job. The issue, of course, is not me personally. In the absence of any ad publishing and labels paying for spots, how did Metal Reviews manage to survive, give forum to so many talented writers, while continuously striving to improve its looks? The answer is the enthusiasm of its founders, mainly Chris, as many readers have rightfully pointed out in the discussion following my previous editorial. In fact, some voices even suggested that it should have been the route the failing printed magazines had to think about. Fold away the presses, assume on an internet identity, and then these people would have considered supporting these reincarnates financially, as creative independence would be now clearly professed. Ladies and gentlemen, what are you waiting for??!! That Paypal “Donate” button on the bottom of the Metal Reviews home page has been clicked twice to date, so obviously it has been rusting away from little use.

The truth is – Metal Reviews has made it thus far, and circumstances willing, will continue to be there. Our survival does not depend on your donations, although Chris has been forced to grit his teeth once in a while. Not getting into personal details, I am sure he wished there was at least a trickle of your support he could count on. Alas, when times were tough, he asked the Metal Reviews writers and those of us who were able at the time pitched in. I am proud to say that yours truly, while being more or less stable financially, did it on a regular scale to help out a friend.

This editorial is not a frantic call asking for the rescue package. Nothing will change, not in the nearest future, anyway, regardless of how this is going to be responded to. This is rather a litmus test of people being asked to put their mouths where their words were a week ago. We do not need your regular monthly contributions either, but $1 from every one of you who ever enjoyed reading Metal Reviews will be the sign of your appreciation. My sincerest promise is we will report the total tally.

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