Paragon - Steelbound
Remedy Records
Heavy Metal
11 songs (52'35)
Release year: 2001
Paragon, Remedy
Reviewed by Danny
Surprise of the month

Produced by Piet Sielck (guitarist and main song writer of Iron Savoir), this third Paragon is a very nice suprise.

Musically, the band has improved and compared to their previous work (Chalice Of Steel), Steelbound is more mature, direct and definitively much more melodic and powerfull. The album starts at the speed of light : Thunderstorm played "à la" Iron Savior, is an excellent song where all typical "metal cliché" are unified (killing speedy riffs, powerfull chorus, excellent drurms). German heavy/speed metal played by German musicians.

Steelbound or Deathsquad show another facet of Paragon and confirms that after three albums, Paragon is still alive ... and well positioned between Primal Fear and Iron Savior. My only complain will have to be the tune of the vocalist. Don't missunderstand me, he is good, but his vocals are a bit strange and it is the kind of vocals you love or you hate. Apart this very small detail , this album is simply excelllent from the first song 'til the last one.

Of course you gonna tell me Iron Savior is not that far, Manowar or Judas Priest are very present in this Steelbound, but who cares as the songs are all neckbreaker killers and that the spirit of heavy metal is not spoiled. Long live Paragon !!!

If you like the above mentioned bands, don't forget to check this one ( The limited digipack edition is the one I recommand to buy as you will have the pleasure to listen to World Of Sin, which is a very good bonus track.

Killing Songs :
The whole record is damned good !!!!!!!
Danny quoted 82 / 100
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