Paragon - Law of the Blade
Remedy Records
Melodic Power / Speed Metal
11 songs (52:47)
Release year: 2002
Paragon, Remedy
Reviewed by Mike
Untitled Document

Featuring none other than Piet Sielck as the band's producer, it should be no surprise that Paragon's new opus, Law of The Blade has obvious Iron Savior influences, as well as some influence from Grave Digger's latest album, The Grave Digger. While this album cannot top The Grave Digger or Condition Red (not many can!!), it is an impressive lesson in speed/power metal that deserves your attention.

Like Iron Savior, Law of the Blade features big harmony vocals which make some ultra catchy chorus lines. Thick backing vocals serve as the backbone for these catchy chorus lines and give the album a distinct Iron Savior feel as a whole. I wouldn't say the chorus lines are as urgent or bombastic as Iron Savior, they are still played up quite well and help to make each track very catchy and memorable. As for the the lead vocals of Andreas Babuschkin… They are just a bit more aggressive than your standard power/speed metal vocalist, but certainly fit the music. While not nearly as rough as Chris Boltendahl (Grave Digger), the vocals here do lean in that direction. But, I don't see this vocal delivery rough or aggressive enough to turn away a large sector of power metal fans like Chris Boltendahl seems to do, although I'm sure some fans will find the vocals a bit too "weird" for their tastes. On a side note, if you enjoy this album and have not yet given Grave Digger a chance, I highly suggest giving The Grave Digger a listen after this album!

Musically speaking, the band have created a well produced speed metal gem. Except for two slower tracks, Across the Wastelands and The Journeys, Paragon have decided to explode our speakers with crunchy, driving speed metal riffs and furious double bass throughout. The musicianship is very tight with the rhythm section keeping perfect time at a neck breaking pace yet staying very melodic at the same time. Even the two aforementioned slower tracks are catchy as hell and measure up to the rest of the material on this album. Thankfully, there is no filler on this disc. Each song is energetic and will manage to keep you singing along from start to finish. Oh, and the Saxon Cover To Hell and Back Again shows Paragon beefing up an already powerful NWOBHM anthem. Melodic, powerful, intense… Paragon!

Fans of power and speed metal should find a lot to like with this album. With such obvious influences from Grave Digger and of course Iron Savior, fans of either these bands should be pleased with this release. Great job guys!

Killing Songs :
No weak songs or fillers here... each track is a killer!
Mike quoted 88 / 100
Chris quoted 90 / 100
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