Eldritch - Reverse
MetalBlade Records
11 songs (48'50)
Release year: 2001
Eldritch, MetalBlade Records
Reviewed by Danny
Surprise of the month

Traitor, Traitor, Traitor !!!

I can already hear Eldritch's fans out there screaming "Traitor !" to their favorite band. Yes, Eldritch is dead, long live Eldritch.

The prog' music has totally disappear (thanks God !!!) and has been replaced by a wonderful power/thrash music that will grab your balls from the first note. Always melodic, excellent song-writting, bombastic production and what a "slap" in the face.

This is what I call courage, because Eldritch was compared to Dream Theater and was well placed in Italy to become the big prog' band. After the intro (which must be the only thing that will remind you old Eldritch), Reverse (the song) will hit you face like Metallica did on the black album and this will be the case for all the other songs on Reverse. Let's not forget to mention the singer, Terence Holler : what an unbelievable performance by the vocalist on the whole record who reminds me Heavens Gate's singer, Thomas Rettke. Two thumbs up Mr. Holler !!!!

It is no doubt the new lineup explains this reversal and it is no doubt Eldritch will lose some fans with Reverse (if not all their early fans). However, I am sure they will win the heart of all power/thrash fans out there. If you are fan of Metallica, Testament, Fear Factory, Pantera or even Annihilator, do not miss this bombastic Italian surprise. Considering this band was playing like Dream Theater and is now giving a Metallica lesson, trust me, this is the MEGA surprise of the year so far.

Buy or die !!!!!!!

Killing Songs :
Every song on Reverse KILLS !!!
Danny quoted 93 / 100
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