Eldritch - Underlying Issues
Scarlet Records
Progressive Power Metal
11 songs (57:00)
Release year: 2015
Eldritch, Scarlet Records
Reviewed by Joel
While Italy’s Eldritch needs no introduction to MetalReviews readers, nor to myself. I was able to review their previous release, Tasting The Tears, which was one of their best discs in almost a decade. I wondered what they would do next, and in came Underlying Issues. Right away the heaviness has been dialed up with Changing Blood, and the guitar focused power metal hits you in the face. In typical Terence Holler(vocals) fashion, his vocals carry Eldritch’s emotions, and as always the chorus is a true highlight on the song. I love the progressive instrumental sections of the song thanks, to the solid song writing of Eugene Simone and the rest of the band. Changing Blood is one of my favorite songs, which is a rare thing for me, to find the first song on a disc, as the one I can’t stop listening to it. The guitar solos might be a reason for that, because this song has some great technical playing. The heavier grooves continue with Danger Zone, while the first two songs have a lot of similarities their choruses are what set them apart. Broken is another faster song(three in a row if you are counting), though this one has a more straight ahead feel. Keyboard/synth flourishes here and there also add another layer to this song. All and More is more mid paced song, with a stop and go groove stomp during the verses and the chorus is very melodic. The melodic stomps/melodic choruses continue with The Face I Wear, and I believe this song has some of the finest lead guitar playing I have ever heard from Eldritch. The solos, the tone, is just down right amazing, technical, melodic, and all without being overly flashy. The music takes a darker and slower turn with To The Moon and Back. Holler’s passionate yet slightly raspy vocals are the focus of this song. The song does get louder when the rest of the band joins in, and the guitar solo on this again, allowed me to repeat two words “Holy” and “Shit.”

Bringers Of Hate’s opening guitar riffs are definitely headbanging worthy, as is the verse’s groove stomp. The layered arpeggiated synths could be a little louder in the mix in my opinion, but they do make enough an impression that they are an extra layer in the song. The Light, is a heavy mix of progressive and power metal, with thrash thrown in for good measure. Like all great faster Eldritch songs, it has great vocals, dynamics, and is equal parts heavy as it is melodic. Piece Of Clarity again has a groove to it, while the chorus is more melodic. The heavier and faster parts thrown into the song, allows the song to change things up a bit,and prevent it from becoming boring. Before I die wins the best intro of the entire disc, with a clean guitar melody with heavier guitars and drums over it. Before I Die is more straight ahead, and is another fast headbanging good time. Slowmotion K Us is a re-recorded heavier version of the song, from 2004’s Portrait Of The Abyss Within. A thrashy power metal song, with a new modern production.

As per usual with Eldritch they have released another solid disc. While Tasting The Tears caught on with me right away, this one took a little longer to listen to every part. I believe this album shows the various facets of the band. From the progressive power metal side of the band, to the added thrashier side, Eldritch has created a formula for their music that works perfectly. For a band that has been around as long as they have, to have changed styles, to try something new, I think Eldritch has created a new album that has allowed them to build on what Tears offered, and have created another above average album, that sets Eldritch apart from the progressive power metal crowd.

Killing Songs :
Changing Blood,Danger Zone,The Face I Wear, Bringers Of Hate, The Light
Joel quoted 88 / 100
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