Dark Moor - Project X
Scarlet Records
Progressive/Symphonic Rock(with metal)
10 songs (47:00)
Release year: 2015
Dark Moor, Scarlet Records
Reviewed by Joel
The Spainards of Dark Moor have returned with the cinematic yet moving, Project X. Inspired by space, aliens, and the always important scifi question, are we the only ones in the universe? The band has been getting even more cinematic as the years have gone on, and the intro of November 3023 definitely starts things that way. With its melody carrying over into Abduction. A straight-forward power-chord driven song with a majestic chorus. While this may be one of the faster tempo songs on the disc, I think Dark Moor has traded atmosphere for speed on Project X. The creepy synths and effects driven guitar solo, definitely match the vibe of the song. Alfred Romero’s passionate vocals on Beyond The Stars, reminds me of First Lance Of Spain off their last disc, Ars Musica. A mid tempo song, that has a simple yet infectious melody coupled with choir back up vocals and Romero, make this one of the best songs on the disc. Conspiracy Revealed has some tasteful lead and rhythm guitar melodies you should listen carefully for behind Romero’s vocals. I Want To Believe, could easily have been the cheeseball ballad of the album, for a concept album about aliens. While some may roll their eyes, the vocals of Romero definitely make this song enjoyable. The Styx/Queen-like choir vocals that come in around two and a half minutes gives off a seventies vibe, the guitar solo on the other hand, is simple but effective and grabs your attention.

Bon Voyage! definitely brings back that seventies feel, and the piano overtones add to that feel. The arrangement is well done, and the song has a very theatrical feel, that gives the feeling that song belongs on a Broadway stage(not exactly a complaint!). The question begs epic or cheesy? Well that will depend on the listener, which is you, for this listener it has the right amount of cheese, that is backed up by a solid arrangement, and a talented vocalist who continually improves. Also to mention the best guitar solo on the entire disc, that I can listen to over and over again, just for the guitar tone. The progressive feeling The Existence, dials down some of theatrics of earlier songs, and could have easily fit on their last disc. This is actually one of my favorites on the entire disc, and reminds me why I enjoyed Ars Musica so much. Imperial Earth starts with a slow snare drum march with choir and strings over it. The previous epic-ness returns for this song. A spoken passage over and stop and go guitar riff gives way to a heavier prog like groove heard after the first minute and a half of the song. For a four and a half minute song, Romero’s vocals don’t enter until the two minute mark. You can watch the video HERE as well as the video for the next song and first single, Gabriel, HERE. The final track and closure to the story comes in the epic, eight minute plus There’s Something In The Skies. From the choirs, to Romero’s vocals, to the overall epic nature of the songwriting, this song has everything you’d expect from the final track.

Dark Moor may have taken another path away from the metal, of earlier albums in favor of something more straight ahead progressive and rock oriented, but that does not change the fact that this band knows how to write good music. I had a hard time describing the band's current sound for the description, so I will leave that to your interpretation. For those looking for the symphonic hymns of previous albums, this would definitely not be the disc for you. While I liked Project X a lot, I personally do believe their last two discs, especially Ars Musica is a better overall disc. Easily recommended if you enjoy Dark Moor, also recommended if you have an open mind when it comes to your music collection.

Killing Songs :
Abduction, Beyond The Stars,The Existence, Gabriel
Joel quoted 87 / 100
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