Artillery - My Blood
Metal Mind Records
Thrash Metal
11 songs (53:32)
Release year: 2011
Metal Mind Records
Reviewed by Thomas

Artillery shouldn't need any introduction in the universe of metal, or at the very least in the realms of thrash metal. The great Danes delivered a string of powerful thrash assaults back in the heyday when the genre was very much alive and kicking ass. Former vocalist Flemming Rönsdorf added a special touch that spread like lightning in the underground, and for many Artillery aren't quite the same without him. I'd agree with them to some extent if it wasn't for the brilliant return to form When Death Comes ten years later, with originally power metal mic-wielder Søren Adamsen at the helm. That album sounded surprisingly fresh even if it was released in the midst of a retro-thrash tsunami that made it nearly impossible to pick up on worthwhile, quality releases without having to dig through a vast ocean of unimaginative shit before that golden piece was found and allowed one to bask in its glory. Anyway, all terrible metaphors aside, needless to say, expectations were high prior to the release of My Blood considering the awesomeness of their previous effort, this should be just as good, right? RIGHT?

Well, in short, no. This is much paler and less aggressive than When Death Comes. That and the fact that the overall quality of the song-writing is worse, kind of kills the joy in listening to this when you expect a wrecking ball going 1000 miles an hour with some ridiculously catchy power metal touches to it. This is fast mind you, but it isn't as heavy, as crushing or as neck-wrecking as it should be. The riffs are however drained of creativity and spark, and Adamsen sounds a bit out of his element when he tries to sound grittier and tougher than he really is. It's pretty similar to its predecessor in many ways, with the great production and overall sound, as well as approaching song-writing from a more melodic angle than earlier albums, but the majority of the songs leaves you with that distinct disappointing feeling in your gut when you want something badly and don't get it. They try to mix things up by blending in some eastern-styled influences as heard on weak but rocking opener Mi Sangre (The Blood Song) and the groovier but remarkably stronger Monster. The key aspects that made When Death Comes so good, are in other words quite out of place here.

That is not to say however, that this album straight-out sucks. Because it certainly doesn't. Artillery still has some fire to their riffing. ven if Adamsen's power metal roots shine brutally through in some places, he gets the thrashing done when backed by the expected stellar, crunching riffs that you'll hear loud and clear signs of on the aforementioned groover Monster, and the nostalgic basher Death is an Illusion. Concealed in the Dark may be the only song that brings back memories from 09, with its frenetic riffs, tempo-changes and speed. The remakes of old punches like Show Your Hate and Eternal War aren't too bad either and certainly outshines their pathetic attempt on an anthem, Thrasher, and a pile of other lacklustre moments on this album.

So even if this is a huge disappointment for me, some of these songs might be hit and miss and tip others in the opposite direction. This just sounds so generic at times, I want to pick my eyes out listening to it. That's only because this is fucking Artillery though, a band shouldn't be reckoned with generic efforts such as this. Consider this a halt, their next album will slay.


Killing Songs :
Monster, Concealed in the Dark
Thomas quoted 70 / 100
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