Artillery - By Inheritance
Roadrunner Records
Thrash Metal
10 songs (47:38)
Release year: 1990
Roadrunner Records
Reviewed by Thomas

Back when I first discovered thrash metal and got properly into it was all about the big four, the Bay Area scene and the huge, obvious German bands. Both scenes kept me busy for years, and despite their differences they had one thing in common. I always had to give each band loads of time to sink in and familiarize. It was not until the past 2-3 years I started doing some digging, both outside and within said scenes, finding gem after gem. Bands such as Darkness, Vendetta, Holy Terror, Assassin, Sacrifice even Heathen and so on glimmered in the dust, waiting to be dug out and appreciated and acknowledged for their masterpieces. Among the pile of fantastic bands just waiting to be discovered and explored was also Artillery, a band out of Denmark, home of King Diamond/Mercyful Faith but little else of major significance. When I first discovered this band I started in the wrong end with their newer releases. Little did I know that they had released a string of untouchable material in the late 80’s/early 90’s. By Inheritance struck me as the first thrash album I had listened to that didn’t need more than one spin to be fully appreciated. This grabbed me from the very first second, ragdolled me for 47 minutes 38 seconds and slammed me to the nearest wall. This is probably one of the best releases this genre ever saw, and certainly in the 90’s.

From second 00:01 of introductory 7:00 From Tashkent this looks to tear. Eastern influenced Khomaniac soon fills your brain with highly melodic goods, technical, heavy incredibly tasty guitars, raspy, high-pitched, hoarse vocals and blasting rhythm-work. It rips through the motions, building up, breaking down in a highly structured and skilled way. The leads are sharp and precise and it is clear that this guitar duo weaves melodies like no other thrash band, surpassing even Megadeth. Exploding onto the scene after the opening one-and-a-half is Beneath the Clay (R.I.P), introduced by pounding drums of war. Melodies are layered all over the place dominating the soundscape, backing up Flemming’s perfect howls. By Inheritance starts out rather calm, with clean guitars, but fear not, they’re soon drowned out by symphonies of amazing riffs, earthshattering drums and piercing, fleshy vocals.

Climax upon climax they come, this album is so full of them it’s almost tiresome to listen to. Almost.

Bombfood drags things down a bit, never however falling into shitty ballad land. It alternates between mid-paced assaults, slower, lamenting parts and more of the above catching you in its web. Enter Don’t Believe, also introduced by acoustic shenanigans and occasional outbursts in shape of explosive choruses. Life in Bondage is up next, and ups the ante considerably as far as speed, heaviness and thrash goes. The riffs are laden with testosterone and demonic pace. Some of the intersections and breaks are godly, second to none. The guitar-work, both riffs and solos are staggering, they will leave you helpless, breathless and speechless. Equal At First continues in the same vein, leaving nothing behind, perhaps one of the catchier songs of the album, before closing duo Razmanaz (Nazareth cover), and In the Thrash-sequel Back In the Thrash finishes this masterpiece rather violently.

Artillery accomplishes here what few bands did before them (or after for that matter). This is a picture perfect mix of heaviness, melodies, speed, great vocals, blasting drums and great guitar-work. I’m serious when I say that this is an album every metal head should own and cherish. This will shake you up to the very core of your headbanging soul, leave you wanting more, more, more. If it doesn’t click on the first try, then give it another shot, because eventually it will.

47 minutes have gone by like they were nothing but a piss in the ocean. The world stops when By Inheritance spins. It’s true. Look it up. No one can take it away.

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