Mystic Prophecy - Ravenlord
Massacre Records
Heavy/Power Metal
10 songs (40:15)
Release year: 2011
Mystic Prophecy, Massacre Records
Reviewed by Thomas

What do you know? Two years have passed since the passable Fireangel, and I for one were quick to write them off after that bland excuse for a heavy metal album. Yeah, I know I know, I gave it a 75, but I must have been in a particular good mood since I pretty much gave up on them after that. However, with the neatly titled Ravenlord, Mystic Prophecy roars back onto the battlefield with a force to be reckoned with and a viciousness that have been a rarity on the past few albums. Mystic Prophecy´s sound and production have always been huge, crisp, heavy and aggressive. The guitars have always been high in the mix, churning away fuelled by deep, rumbling rhythm work. Their problems however, have lied within the song-writing itself which has been inconsistent at best. The troubles escalated especially after guitar phantom Gus G left them to themselves.

This on the other hand is surprisingly refreshing for a band that seemingly went limp many years ago. The riffs might be what you´d call a tiny bit commercial, but they pack some serious punch and are reinforced by slightly catchier vocals. Melodies will stick in your head, lacking lead parts that made you yearn for Gus G before are interesting and all of a sudden lights an urge to air-guitar like blazing, blistering hell. Roberto Liapakis sounds firmer than earlier, like a grittier Bruce Dickinson only with a shorter range. In other words, this will draw you right in.

There are a couple of really strong tracks here that carry a lot of substance. The opening cut, the brooding, fleshy title-track, takes command in a hellish mid-paced march before the guys take a quicker turn with a proper headbanger, Die Now. Filler material like Eyes of the Devil and worthless Ozzy-cover Miracle Man are partly made up for with plain ass-kickery brought in by riff-laden Hollow and the much faster Damned Tonight. Endless Fire and Reckoning Day rifles away with awesome speed, furious and ravishing riffs seasoned with blazing drums to further justify a couple of unwanted lapses.

In other words, despite the unexpected return to form, there are a couple of downers here which I won´t dwell with. I´ll mention however that considering the album length at just over 40 minutes, there´s a possible pitfall with a certain amount of fillers. Luckily, Mystic Prophecy comfortably avoids, and delivers a slab of solid, meaty, fun and memorable bland of heavy and power metal. Just liked they used to back in the day. Expect to shout along, pump fists and air-guitar uncontrollably on the streets, Mystic Prophecy is back.

Statement: This is great, yet don´t get your hopes up. Their next one will suck.

Killing Songs :
Die Now, Hollow, Damned Tonight, Endless Fire, Reckoning Day
Thomas quoted 80 / 100
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