Blind Guardian - And Then There Was Silence
Blind Guardian Metal
2 songs (17'45)
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Blind Guardian, Virgin
Reviewed by Danny

If I tell you everybody is awaiting anxiously for the new Blind Guardian, I think I am very far from truth, am I not ?

This single, that I like to call teaser, should give an idea to the fans of what should be the next "blockbuster" from our favorite Bards. First track, And Then There Was Silence, is a combination of the usual tracks of Blind Guardian and the last album Nightfall In Middle-Earth. The track is long enough to let you eat your dinner (14'07 !!!).

The vocals and the chorus are again wonderful. The quality of the song and the production of Charlie Bauerfeind leaves you speechless. What is definitely evident on And Then There Was Silence is the song-writing : Blind Guardian is becoming more and more progressive.

However, we are a thousand light-years away from the killer single Mirror, Mirror. Blind Guardian has changed its powerful fast heavy metal to a much more complex song-writing, where progressive metal rules more than ever and where my favorite Bards are less aggressive compare to their first albums. When time changes ...

Second track, Harvest Of Sorrow, is a typical Blind Guardian ballad which should remind you The Forgotten Tales album. There is also a multimedia track for the die-hard fans out there (live video song).

Let's hope, at least I hope, the new album will sound much more like Imagination From The Other Side than Nightfall In Middle-Earth, which is much heavier and full of power for my taste. Following this single, it looks like Blind Guardian has decided to mix their last two records, as announced by Hansi Kürsch actually. Now between you and me, it is difficult (impossible ?) to predict how will sound the next record based only on this single as Blind Guardian is simply unpredictable !!!

Last but not least, the artwork is again wonderful and Blind Guardians fans are holding their breath until next year ...

Killing Songs :
Both track are really cool ;-)
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