Dare - Belief
Legend Records
11 songs (54'10)
Release year: 2001
Reviewed by Paul
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Belief is the long awaited 4th album of Dare. The line up is the same as the on Calm Before The Storm. This little introduction to let you know that this album is maybe a bit more the calm after the storm, and the storm was the three album before (especially the second one). The fans of the band will for sure love this one even if it is softer and slower. It is still in the mighty Dare style but turned into slow songs and ballads.

Darren Wharton (Thin Lizzy) has changed a bit the orientation of the composition by adding Irish folk influences. There are guests playing violin, whistle and pipes on Belief. It is for sure a great work but it sounds a bit like Dare going a little in the new age direction.

Belief is a great album showing a lot of maturity and self -control. The compositions and arrangements are good and the production spreads a warm feeling. This 4th album sounds much more like Calm Before The Storm or even Out Of The Silence, but much slower. The three first songs of the album are amazing. Belief has the essence of Dare's spirit but not the energy of its predecessors. Is Darren Wharton, the song, music writer and producer, getting older or just wiser...

Anyway it is for sure a good album and I just hope that some of you won't take it as a sleeping pill because of its serenity. It could be just a bit more varied like the mighty Out Of The Silence. Darren Wharton will maybe not be able to release a second album like this one day and everybody has to go his way...Who knows, who dares wins usually...

Killing Songs :
Silent Thunder, Dreams Of Fire, White Horses (Lions Heart)
Paul quoted 93 / 100
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