DGM - The Passage
Frontiers Records
Progressive Metal
11 songs (61:00)
Release year: 2016
DGM, Frontiers Records
Reviewed by Joel
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For over 20 years, the Italian band DGM has gone through lineup changes, a pair of singers, and yet in my opinion, keep getting stronger. I had heard of the band prior to their collections album, called Synthesis that introduced me to Mark Basile who joined the band before their previous album and Simone Mularoni's amazing guitar work. In 2013 the band released a landmark disc called Momentum, which fans of bands like Symphony X(with a guest appearance by Russell Allen), Pagan's Mind, and Dream Theater. Technical, heavy at times, and full of melodic hooks all over place. Momentum was one of my favorite releases that year, and now we have The Passage. The disc starts with the two part, The Secret. Melodic Progressive Power Metal is mostly what you get, being technical and melodic all at the same time. Soaring vocals thanks to Basile, from the power he shows during the heavier parts of the song, to the soft heard near the end of Part 1, which is just him and a piano melody. Part 2, has one ripping of a melodic solo heard during the songs first two minutes of the song. Part two is a lot more melodic and straight-forward then Part one. Animal the third song, the video can be seen HERE.

Ghost Of Insanity has some great riffs thanks to Mularoni, and easily recognizable vocals of Tom Englund of Evergrey. Between Englund's soulful rasp and Basile's more melodic tone, their vocals blend well together, giving two tones that work in tandem together. The musicianship is top notch, as every song that came before it. Fallen is another stand out song, and the current single, which you can watch the video HERE. The title track has one of my favorite intro's with the faster then fast guitar riff, that is almost dissonant with the other instruments playing in the background. The rest of the song turns into a mix of grooves and melodic hooks.

Disguise is a simple piano song, that highlights Basile's softer side of his vocals. Just under two minutes long and memorable. The next three songs, are similar in their mix of guitar laced grooves and heaviness, with catch melodic choruses. The first Portrait, is fast during the verses, and just slightly slower yet more melodic in the choruses. Daydreamer is more melodic and has a real groove, that could be considered AOR-inspired but with a heaviness not found in that genre. The chorus is something totally different than the verses, yet the song stays cohesive from start to finish. Dogma again is speedy for the most parts, with more melodic parts saved for the chorus of the song. In Sorrow closes the disc out on a more softer and somber note, definitely one you won't forget when it's over.

Easily their best release in their discography, could be an album of the year contender. If you like Progressive Metal, that does not need to be “Prog” for the sake of being prog, and you like melody in abundance, then The Passage and DGM are for you.

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Joel quoted 90 / 100
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