Fates Warning - Disconnected
Massacre Records
Progressive Metal
7 songs (51'28)
Release year: 2000
Fates Warning, Massacre Records
Reviewed by Claus

The extremely disharmonic intro of "Disconnected part 1" perfectly reflects the mood of Fates Warning's ninth studio album "Disconnected" - this is a very intricant output, a tangeling venture into cold, industrial and disharmonic soundscapes, yet with the underlying warmth of musicality and a sense of melody oh-so-typical for Fates Warning. "One" leads the album into somewhat of a headstart, balancing between the thoughtful atmosphere of FW's latest output "A Pleasent Shade Of Gray" and the aggressive parts of vocalist Ray Alder's solo project Engine mixed with the commercial melodies of FW's 1995 "Inside Out" album - thus, this song incorporates all elements of what Fates Warning 2000 is all about. "So" again takes the band a step back to "A Pleasent.." with it's dynamic, industrial prog-feeling - imagine Rush meets A Perfect Circle! And so the album continues, wandering back and forth between aggression, simplistic melodies, progressive technicality and industrial atmospheres. This makes "Disconnected" a very mixed experience which occassionally throws me off guard so-to-speak, as it grabs on more sides to FW than i'd come to expect - or should I say, hoped for...?!! Personally I could have done with a more streamlined album either dwelling in the commercial song repertoire shown on albums such as "Parallels" or "Inside Out" or leaning more towards the technical and progressive sound of albums like "A Pleasent..." or "Perfect Symmetry". With "Disconnected" FW has gone full circle and united elements of all their latest 5-6 albums and put it into a more modern industrial-tinged form - however, this doesn't become the band, and in my opinion this makes "Disconnected" the weakest of all albums by this band, who so far only have made pure classix! Yet, weakest album or not, "Disconnected" still deserves 5 points for being a great work of art and an interesting cd, although nowhere near the class of it's predescessors.

Killing Songs :
Claus quoted 80 / 100
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