Fates Warning - The Spectre Within
Metal Blade
Progressive Metal
7 songs (46:58)
Release year: 1985
Fates Warning, Metal Blade
Reviewed by Storm

In the mid 80's, progressive metal was starting to take shape. Bands like Queensryche and Crimson Glory were leading the charge. Enter yet another prog metal band, Fates Warning and the progressive metal movement begins.

The early sound of Fates Warning can be described as early NWOBHM mixed in with elements of German power metal. Original vocalist John Arch performs beautifully, hitting those high notes in perfect synch. He reminds me of Michael Kiske somewhat during Kiske's days in Helloween. Jim Matheos and Victor Arduini make a good duo on the guitar with Matheos ripping the fret board like no ones business.

The songs on Fates Warning's second album, the master piece The Spectre Within, are top notch metal classics that early prog metal band lovers would appreciate. Starting out with an epic metal shredder Traveler In Time to the classic and perhaps best early Fates Warning song Kyrie Eleison, which opens with Gregorian chanting before Arch performs his best vocal work on the album. The album finishes with the epic Epitaph which proves that early progressive metal was here to stay.

The entire album reminds me just how much bands were good back than. Although Queensryche were dominating the progressive scene, Fates Warning snuck in and showed the world that they had the talent to play with the big boys. The Spectre Within and the following album, Awaken The Guardian were what made progressive metal a gender to be reckoned with. Even though Ray Alder replaced Arch and continued on making great albums, the early years of Fates Warning shouldn't be overlooked. It was albums like this one and future albums that would help pave the way for future prog metal bands like Dream Theater, Symphony X and Evergrey to take over the scene.

Killing Songs :
All Of Them
Storm quoted CLASSIC
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