Fates Warning - Darkness In A Different Light
InsideOut Music
10 songs (56:00)
Release year: 2013
Fates Warning, InsideOut Music
Reviewed by Joel
NINE YEARS! That is how long it has been since Fates Warning released their FWX disc. A lot has changed in the world of music. Members of the band have found other projects, like Ray Alder in Redemption, or Jim Matheos's reunion with John Arch, on their amazing Arch/Matheos disc. Frank Aresti rejoined the band, and performs and co-writes on the disc. This also marks the debut of drummer Bobby Jarzombek, while the very underrated(In my opinion) Joey Vera is back on bass. If you can't tell I couldn't wait for this disc to come out.

One Thousand Fires opens up Fates Warning brand new disc. Hints of A Pleasant Shades of Gray can be heard, with an added heaviness felt later in the song. You can also hear the albums Parallels and Inside Out as well, with the sense of melody and the guitar solos, wow the guitar solos!! Firefly is in a different league, it has to be one of the best Fates Warning songs in years. The incredibly short Falling, is truly a beautiful song. Acoustic guitar and Alder's voice is all the song needs, and just over a minute and a half, it ironically feels like a complete song.

I am is another heavier song, while Lighthouse is a haunting slower song. Into The Black and Kneel and Obey, have very addicting riffs in their verses, while the choruses suck you in. The oddly titled O Chloroform, is another mid-tempo rocker with Alder's voice front and center, carrying the song. And Yet it Moves, is an epic song, just over fourteen minutes long, and yes it really moves! With its classically inspired opening guitar melody(Beautifully played by the way) for the first minute, it leaves the listener wondering where the song is going to go next. This is one of the most progressive metal sounding songs on the entire disc. With the music ranging, from the heavier riffs you heard earlier in the disc, to an acoustic part, melodic guitar solos, this song has everything you'd expect from a Fates Warning epic. Is this The Eleventh Hour? No, but that's ok, we don't need a part two, one of those are good enough.

I recently saw Fates Warning live(please see my review, posted this week) and while they opening played a few songs of the new disc, it was an amazing show. The songs carried from disc to the stage, the same way the classics always have. While their sound may have changed over the years, this is probably their most complete disc in years. I enjoyed FWX(Especially Another Perfect Day), but I believe Darkness In A Different Light, bridges the gap between Parallels/Inside Out/A Pleasant Shades of Gray, and everything they put out since. Easily recommended for any Fates Warning fan, or fans of Progressive Hard Rock/Metal.

Killing Songs :
One Thousand Fires, Firefly, I Am, Falling, Lighthouse, And Yet It Movies
Joel quoted 90 / 100
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