Edguy - Rocket Ride
Nuclear Blast
Hard-Rock / Melodic Heavy Metal
12 songs (60'04)
Release year: 2006
Edguy, Nuclear Blast
Reviewed by Chris
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Edguy are back with a new album. I was anticipating this one very much as I was completly blown away by the majesty and genius behind Hellfire Club. The first thing that attracted my attention was the cover, Edguy went in a different direction for that one, very colorful, comic-like illustration. It captures the band's and Toby's sense of humor very much, but I must say I prefered when Jean-Pascal Fournier was at the helm for the covers, but that's just my 2 cents.

Now to the album. Edugy are back and while I really love this album, I'm forced to point out that its quite different from what they've done in the past. The bombastic double bass drums are pretty much gone (except on a few songs) and this could very well be described as an Hard Rock album but with the usual Edguy majestic songwriting and perfect production. As you may or may not know, I'm a big fan of AOR & Hard-Rock, so for me its actually a great thing that Edguy added an album more in this genre, it makes it original, while still preserving everything that makes Edguy such in incredible band. Tobias' vocals are as good as ever, and the songs are displaying the usual magical song-writing we've come to expect from Toby. The guitars are always so melodic, the keyboard is used with originality (and never over-used either) and what really changes here is the tempo of the songs. No more bombastic hymns flying all over the place, but instead very well constructed songs and a very good variety of them too. Of course there are some strong moments and the eventual "classic" power metal songs like : Return To The Tribe. But it is a first for Edguy to actually display so much variety with so little power :). I'm not complaining whatsoever, I think the 80's hard-rock influences, wherever they come from Kiss, Magnum or Def Leppard (overly catchy choruses) is a welcome change and also proves that Toby can write different material and not get repetitive. And no one can blame Rocket Ride to resemble any previous work from Edguy.

I find myself very attached to this album, and while a little part of me expected a few more bombastic, speed-metal borderline powerful songs, I'm very content with having one of the best Hard-Rock albums I've heard in years instead. The humor is still there :), wherever by laughing one's ass out on the very funny Trinidad song, or enjoying a voice-rendered guitar solo (Return To The Tribe) :), or Toby going nuts at the end of Catch of the Century... all these moments are pretty funny and a constent reminder that this band really enjoys what they're doing and they like to share the laughs with us. I've always liked this facet of Edguy myself.

The album start on an epic song, that possess a progressive song-writing, and its an interesting choice actually to go with 8 minute long opener. A little bit like Tears of the Mandrake I suppose. Rocket Ride then comes as a "somewhat" fast paced song and Tobias has the opportunity in this song to display all kinds of vocal styles, and proves once more he's one of the best singer out there. The songwriting of this song also proves that Edguy can deliver in every facet of their music (melody, vocals, guitars, solos, break, song-writing,... etc). Every song is complete and you feel nothing is left to chance, there's no "confusion" unlike many bands who try to make too much of their songs and end up lowering the overall result of the experience (an exemple to comes to mind would be the last Custard album, which by adding more elements to their song, also made it less raw and I find myself confused with the overall result, but that's one of MANY exemples). This ain't happening with Edugy. The third song, Wasted Time, is a wonderful mid-tempo song, the guitar riffs are very Hard-Rock and the chorus with choirs lifts the song to the height it deserves. Then comes Matrix, the most original song of this album IMHO, the intro keyboard puts a really cool mood to the song, so does the cubic riffs that carves the tempo of this wonderful song. Return To The Tribe is one of the songs that is actually fast paced and that could easily have been part of the lineup for Hellfire Club, in both style and realisation, a typical Edguy fast power metal song. Then comes The Asylum, a wonderful mid-tempo song like only Edguy knows the cooking receipee. Save me comes next, a wonderful balad with a strong mid-tempo like chorus, with a break a la Bon Jovi that makes me wonder if it was made on purpose or not :), it sure does sound this way. The album contains an overall of 12 songs (and a live version of Land Of The Miracle live recorded in Brazil) , and not a single skipper here. All songs are pure quality Edguy work and I prefer to not describe each and everyone of them, and let you discover the rest of this wonderful album on your own; and tell you instead that if you like Edguy and the 80's Hard-Rock, then you're on for quite a Rocket Ride indeed :).

The day Edguy will (really) disapoint me has not yet arrived, and I doubt it will ever will (I almost was at first with Mandrake, but over the years the album gained much strength in my heart). This album is pure entertainment and as always is presented with a bombastic crystal clear production. But I'm sure there might be a few disappointed fans out there, as not all Power Metal fans are also fans of more melodic, slow paced Hard-Rock songs. Especially that the EP wasn't really predicting this change of pace, except for the overly radio compatible, yet amazing song Superheroes. I myself am very happy with Rocket Ride and recommand it to everyone who loves good Hard-Rock / melodic Heavy Metal in general. Two thumbs up !

Killing Songs :
Sacrifice, Wasted Time, Matrix, Return To The Tribe, Out Of Vogue, Superheroes & the very funny Trinidad
Chris quoted 93 / 100
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