Edguy - Fucking With F*** Live
Nuclear Blast
Melodic Power Metal
Disc 1: 7 songs (47:47) Disc 2: 7 songs (50:20)
Release year: 2009
Edguy, Nuclear Blast
Reviewed by Goat

One of my main annoyances about writing for this site is that sometimes a band is so good that other reviewers will have reviewed their entire discographies before I get a chance. German heroes Edguy are head of the list – they’re a joint first with Iced Earth in my personal ranking, the best Power Metal has to offer. They’re one of the few bands guaranteed to bring me out of a dark mood, always been there to bring a smile when the black slug of depression bites too deeply, and I love them just as much as Chris does, if not more! His decision to pass on the chance to review this, only the band’s second live album, meant that I’d finally get a chance to record some of my thoughts about Sammet and company, so forgive me if I meander a little here and there.

Recorded in Sao Paulo on the band’s 2006 Rocket Ride World Tour, it’s understandably heavy on the material from that album – the first two tracks are Catch Of The Century and Sacrifice, and both sound excellent, although things really kick off during the latter track. Plenty of earlier tracks get a look in too, and I won’t follow the usual path of listing them all since that information is but a Google away, but it’s a great setlist. Personal favourite Babylon gets a lengthy play, the Theatre Of Salvation anthem finished with a bit of Maidenesque crowd involvement, Tobias pumping the crowd up wonderfully. Most other bands trying to do this just three songs into the concert would just annoy, but Edguy have that inimitable cheerfulness that means the listener is pumped along too, and the transition into anthem Lavatory Love Machine is spectacular. The crowd knows all the words and although they were a little reticent on the first track, by this stage they’re clearly having a great time. Old cut Vain Glory Opera sounds great, reminding me that I really must give the band’s discography another chronological run-through, and Theatre Of Salvation gets another look-in with Land Of The Miracle (a ‘borey pussy ballad’, as Tobi calls it!). Heck, even Glam Metal ballad Fucking With Fire (Hair Force One) had me smiling, which considering my hatred of Glam in general is quite an achievement!

Although Fucking With F*** is spread across two CDs (I’m saving up for the edition with the DVD, a little out of my price range at the moment!) both are equally great. The second kicks off with Superheroes and Save Me (a ballad about shaving your pubic hair, according to Tobi!) but soon turns its attention to the past with Tears Of A Mandrake and personal favourite Mysteria. The latter was the first Edguy track I ever heard, and its Thrashy drive still makes it rank amongst my favourite of their songs, but I have to mention the part after Tears Of A Mandrake where Tobi pumps the crowd again and introduces the band in his usual comedic fashion, before playing the intro to Mysteria on guitar – hugely entertaining stuff. As with Burning Down The Opera, long-term fans may be disappointed with the lack of Kingdom Of Madness material, but there’s more than enough variety for this to be an enjoyable ride for all. Avantasia gets a look in with the title track from the first Metal Opera (truly a killer song) then it’s singalong supreme King Of Fools (featuring the closest thing yet to harsh vocals from Tobi) and Out Of Control for a finale.

When I listen to music I’m in search of one of two things above all; either great songwriting, memorable pieces of music that stick in your head and are easy to fall in love with, or a great experience, the kind of atmospheric journey that takes you to other emotional dimensions entirely – sadly most bands can only deliver one of the two, but listening to this I realised that Edguy are capable of both! As brilliantly catchy as the songs are, it’s the fact that you’re pumping your fist and singing along all the way that makes Edguy such a great band, Tobi’s silly interludes bringing smiles instead of sarcasm, and banishing my usual cynicism to the black hole where it belongs. Fucking With F*** is a great live album that fans will love as much as I did, and is absolutely recommended for Edheads everywhere.

Killing Songs :
All, especially Sacrifice, Babylon, LLM, Tears Of A Mandrake, Mysteria, Avantasia and King Of Fools!
Goat quoted no quote
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