Shadows Fall - Of One Blood
Century Media
"Children Of Bodom" Metal Spirit
10 songs (46'03)
Release year: 2000
Shadows Fall, Century Media
Reviewed by Danny

Century Media's Children Of Bodom ? Well on first listening this is what I thought. But when I keep listening in Shadow's Fall first record, except the singer voice (who will really remind you Slipknot), the music reminds me...Iced Earth (melodies, guitar and bass). And it is well done. The more I was listening to it, more typical sounds were calling me (mixing Iron Maiden's typical melodies (second track) with Iced Earth rhythm (overall album) with a typical guttural voice).
In other words, heavy + trash + black / death metal = Children Of Bodom. Let's add a "Slipknot" touch (voice) and we should be OK. Well guys it is OK for me, but as for the first Children Of Bodom's record, I think you'll need some time before showing us your real ... face.
Compare to Children Of Bodom's inspiration, Shadows Fall will have to lose their influences (I prefer to think it is their influences and not ... opportunities). For a first record, it is very very very promising. Keep on going guys !
But next time, try to add "some" Shadows Fall surprises.

Killing Songs :
Crushing Belial, Of One Blood
Danny quoted 75 / 100
Jay quoted 97 / 100
Dylan quoted 87 / 100
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